‘Tis the Season for Flying the American Flag

It’s hard to believe that Flag Day is just around the corner, and only three short weeks later it will be the Fourth of July.   In a longstanding tradition, many Americans will celebrate these patriotic holidays by proudly displaying the American flag.  The U.S. Flag Code dictates certain ways to fly (and not fly) the red, white and blue, so before you start decorating your home or business, follow these important rules.

1)      The flag of the United States of America should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset unless the flag is illuminated.

2)      Even when the flag is being carried from one place to another, it should never be allowed to touch the ground.

3)      When hung from a wall, the flag can be displayed horizontally or vertically, but the stars should always be at the top of the flag’s right, and the observer’s left.

4)      If you will be suspending the flag over a street, it should hang vertically with the stars to the north or east.

5)      On a podium, the flag should be placed to the speaker’s right, with other flags displayed to the left.

6)      When flown at half-staff, the flag is first hoisted all the way to the top of the flagpole for a moment, and then lowered to half-staff.  When lowering it at the end of the day, it should first be raised to the top again before it is lowered.

7)      If you will be flying the American flag with a state flag or other community or society flag, the U.S. flag should always be at the top. However, when flown with flags of other nations, it should be of equal size and flown at the same height on separate staffs.

The Fourth of July is a great time to display the Red White and Blue.  But remember, before you show your patriotism; just follow these rules for proper “flag etiquette”.

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