A New Hobby for Flag Collectors and Historians – Collecting City Flags of the USA

city flags of the usaLearning about our national heritage is an exciting pursuit for history buffs, and for collectors there is plenty of national memorabilia to keep it interesting. But if you are filled with civic pride or have a special place in your heart for the city of your birth, then there is another way to indulge your love of history.  Why not start collecting city flags of the USA?

As much as we all know the story of our nation’s history and the significance of our flag, most local residents wouldn’t even recognize their own city’s flag.  That’s because teachers rarely spend a lot of time immersing students in local history.  Unless you live near your city’s town hall or you pay a lot attention to flags, it’s possible you didn’t even know your city had a flag. 

As a flag historian, I’ve found collecting city flags of the USA a more interesting and rewarding pursuit than many other types of flag collecting.  Few people take the time to learn about the flags of their own town, but when they do, they usually find it to be quite interesting. 

Here is a sampling of what I learned about some of my favorite city flags of the USA:

  • Some flags are just as simple as can be, such as the Boston flag which features the city’s seal against a pale blue background.
  • Other flags are very complex in their symbolism.  The Chicago flag features three white stripes that represent North, South and West sides of the city.  One blue stripe is representative of the Chicago River’s North branch along Lake Michigan, and the other represents the Chicago River’s South Branch.  Four red stars are symbolic of great events of this city – the Great Chicago Fire, Fort Dearborn, the World’s Columbian Exposition and the Century of Progress Exhibition. 
  • In recognition of New Orleans’ French heritage, its flag features three gold French fleurs-de-lis with a red border on top and a blue border along the bottom. 
  • The Los Angeles flag uses color to represent its natural resources – green for olive trees and gold for orange groves and red for vineyards.  In the center is the city’s seal.

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