Advertising Flags and Promotional Banners Grab Attention

advertising flags + promotionalWondering how you can make your business stand out from the crowd?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on print or broadcast advertising, smart business owners are choosing colorful advertising flags as promotional tools.  Outdoor advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing for small to midsize retailers, particularly when the location is in a high-traffic area.  Look at it this way; if potential customers are going to be moving slowly past your store in rush hour traffic, why not motivate them to come in and shop?

Advertising flags can be used in many ways to generate interest in your sales events.  Unusual shapes, teardrop flags, blade designs and teaser banners are all effective in grabbing a person’s attention as they drive by.  Once a retailer sees the difference they make in store traffic, they wonder why more store owners are not doing the same thing.  People become accustomed to passing the same stores and businesses in their daily commute, so much so that they don’t really “see” them anymore.  But display a colorful and attention-getting promotional flag out front and suddenly people take notice.  With so many advertising messages competing for our attention every day, there is still nothing quite as effective as 3-dimensional advertising flags.

Advertising flags don’t need to be huge in order to generate a response.  Many advertisers customize their outdoor advertising campaigns to include several small flags that lead people directly to their door.  All of the advertising flags sold at can be customized completely to meet your unique needs.  A simple online order form allows you to communicate the colors, design; fonts, text and artwork for the banners, and a customer service specialist will provide personalized attention to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

Custom advertising flags are lightweight and flexible enough to be positioned almost anywhere.  They can be hung from the roof of your building, planted on a median strip or on the outskirts of the parking lot.  Promotional banners can even be positioned several blocks away from your store and “tease” the customer with messages that lead them to your store, organization or establishment.

Instead of looking at outdoor banners as “signage” for your store, consider advertising flags as an effective marketing tool to bring customers to your door. will help you develop an outdoor marketing concept to promote your special events.

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