All International Flag Stores Are Not Created Equal

international flag storesIf you have been looking for an excellent source of high quality international flags, then you have probably already found a few international flag stores on the internet.  Unfortunately, without the ability to see and touch the flags they sell, it is difficult to know if you are getting a quality flag. 

Finding the best quality flags online shouldn’t have to be a guessing game, however; it is relatively easy to compare the fabric and quality of flag by simply knowing what to look for.  Most international flag stores will have include a complete description of the flag on the product pages of its web site.  For example, at, they sell only flags made of durable SolarMax nylon, which is one of the best grades of nylon fabric available because it stands up to UV light exposure, high winds, and all forms of precipitation. 

All of the official international flags sold at are the most current versions approved by the United Nations, but they also sell unofficial or non-UN flags, for some countries.  Features such as a canvas headings and brass grommets are important to look for, especially in flags that will be flown outdoors all year round.

No matter which flag you choose it should be available to you in several different sizes, ranging from 4” x 6” up to 5 feet x 8 feet.  The best international flags stores will also sell companion accessories, such as fringe or pole hems, miniature flag bases, grommets, flag poles and mounting accessories.

If you are searching international flag stores for the best selection of flags at affordable prices, look no further than

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