Want to Learn More About the Flags of the USA? Visit Our Flag Store

flag store + usaAs you probably could guess, the flag of the USA is the most recognizable flag on the planet, and it is certainly the most popular one sold at this online flag store. There is something about the stars and stripes that conjure up so many images of American victories in battle, courageous soldiers, and an independent spirit that succeeds against all odds.  Even non-Americans have no trouble picking out the American flag in a lineup of international flags. That’s because unlike many other national banners, it doesn’t rely on a few blocks of color; the bold symbols of the USA are incorporated into its design.

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Pick One of These Six Fabrics for Your American Flag – And Don’t Forget the Pole!

american flag + poleBuying a new American flag used to be much simpler.  Back in the days before the Internet, a new homeowner might go out and buy and American flag and a flag pole just before the Fourth of July.  That may still be possible today, but there are many additional considerations that might complicate the decision, especially if you research your purchase online.  Ultimately, flag manufacturers aim to offer more variety and better products than ever before.  This is great news for smart shoppers who want a durable flag that will last for many years.

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Promotional Flags for Outdoor Use – Think of them as Mobile Billboards

promotional flags outdoor useIf you’ve ever priced out an outdoor advertising campaign, you know how expensive it can be, and because it lacks “measurability,” you never know if it really worked.  That’s why so many retailers are moving away from static billboards in favor of “mobile billboards,” or promotional flags for outdoor use.  Promotional flags are certainly nothing new; in fact, they are one of the oldest forms of consumer advertising.  But when ad budgets are tight, they remain one of the more effective methods of bringing customers in the door.

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Did You Know That the Best Flag Stores are Online?

flag stores + onlineIt’s hard to imagine this, but it’s true.  The best flag stores are really online.  Think about it; when was the last time you went into a store nearby and found an incredible selection of flags?  I’m not just talking about American flags or flags from around the world, either.  What about promotional flags for special events, football and baseball flags, or a flags from your favorite college team?  Whether we realize it or not, on the average day we pass by dozens of flags in our travels.  They are flown high above car dealerships, schools and banks.  They promote special offers or sidewalk sales at our favorite stores, and they are flown to let you know about an open house or special event. Football fans fly flags from their car windows, and homeowners fly flags in their gardens, but did you ever wonder where everyone gets these flags?  Good question.  For the most part, they are purchased at online flags stores.

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Promotional Flags Can Help Your Business Promote New Products

promotional flagsIs it time to start thinking of ways to generate business for the holidays?  Perhaps your store has a lot of new products or you just started carrying the Apple iPhone 4S.  Whatever your reason for needing promotional flags, they are always an economical way to get a message out quickly.  If your store is located in a busy retail area, there may be restrictions about the size or number of promotional flags that can be positioned outside of your store.  If this is the case, then make sure you find out ahead of time and work within these parameters.  A flag manufacturer like the Advertising Flag Company can make customized promotional flags that meet your specifications.

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Football Flags and Banners Add More Excitement to the Season

football flags and bannersYou may have already prepared your favorite football fan for the excitement of football season, but you’re not completely ready for game day unless you have some football flags and banners.  Finding the right banners for your favorite football fan depends on how they plan to use them.  Some of the most popular football flags and banners are designed to be flown outdoors on a flag pole, while others are more appropriate for the inside of a dorm room or sports bar.  Still others are brought to the stadium or college football field and hung up over the railings or across the top of the stands.

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Bring Traffic in the Door Now with Advertising Flags for Sales

You’ve heard about the various methods of “driving traffic” in retail advertising, but these days most of these methods only drive traffic to your website.  What if you want foot traffic into your stores?  Sometimes it takes a lot more than an online banner ad to motivate customers to act.  Using advertising flags for promoting a sale is often the easiest way to get immediate results from your advertising, and they are usually far less expensive than an online campaign.

As marketers are faced with a wider selection of advertising vehicles than ever, everyone is scrambling to find the right “media mix.”  While this may be a good idea for those with an unlimited advertising budget, most retailers are working with a smaller budget this year.  When a colleague of mine first told me he found some advertising flags for sale from a well known flag manufacturer, my first impression was that this was rather old-fashioned.  After spending more than a decade with an interactive marketing agency, my experience with banners was limited to online display ads.  Did anyone still use the real cloth banners as a primary method for communicating a message?

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Promotional Banners and Flags – An Easy Option for Outdoor Trade Shows

promotional banners and flagsHas your company charged you with the procurement of promotional banners and flags for an upcoming trade show?  This may not sound like a particularly difficult task, but it can be a lot more time consuming than you think; especially with all the choices available today.  It used to be that one would need to search through bulky catalogs and wait several weeks for their order to be filled.  While online flag sites have made it much easier to order, it’s hard to get that personalized attention that you need. 

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Why Your Fall Décor Should Include Outdoor Banners and Flags

outdoor flags and bannersWhether you’re a homeowner or a store owner, there is no better way to decorate the outside of your home or business than with outdoor banners and flags.  Even as the kids head back to school, signs of fall are not far behind.   Business owners may use this time to invite customers in for Back to School Sales or fall clearance offers, but it’s not uncommon for homeowners to rethink the outside of their homes. 

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NFL and College Fans – Time to Buy Football Banners

football bannersIf you want to see a group of spirited fans at a game, then there is no better place to go than an NFL football game, particularly in some of the major Northeast cities like Philadelphia and Boston.  But you don’t have to paint your face in team colors to show true team spirit.  You can simply go online and find football banners to buy.  As the cameras scan the audience during the game – and you know they always do – it’s interesting to note that they look for fans displaying a football flag or football banners.  These are not just the rudimentary homemade signs that kids make; they are the real fabric flags with screen printed logos or embroidered lettering.  Continue reading “NFL and College Fans – Time to Buy Football Banners”

Kick Off a Promotion with Custom Banners and Flags

custom flags and bannersIt may still be summer, but the Back to School season is already upon us.  It won’t be long before people come home from vacation to find a mailbox full of “sale” ads and an inbox full of email promotions.  But what really grabs people when they are out looking for bargains?  Custom banners and flags, of course! The average consumer is inundated with messages on television, in newspapers and on their favorite web sites, but few advertising vehicles are more effective than a colorful sale banner in a store window. 

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How Can Advertising Flags and Banners Improve Sales at Your Store?

advertising flags and banners + storeAfter spending a week in a shore town this summer, I came with an entirely back new perspective on advertising and promotion.  Just when you think you “know it all” about advertising and marketing, it seems that something incredibly simple can elude you.  Such is the case with advertising flags and banners.  When your store is in a busy resort area, such as the Boardwalk in Ocean City NJ, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of people. 

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Custom Flags and Banners – An Economical Approach to Advertising

custom flags and bannersAs retailers prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year, many are dealing with significant cuts in their marketing budget.  As we all know, without a plan to drive customers into the store, it can be very difficult to compete.  But retailers are getting smarter about how they spend their marketing budgets.  Instead of buying a large ad in a daily newspaper or running a pricey radio campaign, custom flags and banners are quickly making a comeback.  It’s not that retailers ever stopped using promotional banners to draw in customers; they just have never used them in such creative ways. 

If you talk to a billboard salesperson, they will give you plenty of data about the influence of outdoor advertising, citing how many thousands of potential customers drive by a billboard in a given week.  The same thing can be said about custom flags and banners, albeit on a smaller scale.  While there is nothing wrong with advertising your business on the internet or the airwaves, it’s hard to beat the impact of a promotional flag campaign that leads customers to your door.  Depending on where your store is located, it may be possible to create interest by placing “teaser flags” along the roadside that direct customers to your store. 

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College Flags Make the Perfect “Going Away to College” Gift

college flagsI know, you’re probably wondering when it became fashionable to give your kids a gift just for going away to college.   They should be grateful enough for the opportunity to go to college, right?  But as “moving in” day approaches, many first-time college parents begin to realize how much they will miss having their son or daughter at home.  College flags make the perfect gift for your student, and you may want to pick one up for yourself at the same time.  

Dorm decorating is a lot different for the guys than it is for the girls.  Truth is, the average guy cares very little about whether his comforter and sheet set match.  But both genders are equally concerned about their wall decorations.  After all, if they will be staring at the same wall, day in and day out, and possibly getting a little homesick, they want the right things hanging on it.  Buying college flags online will allow you to get flags from the school (or schools) of your choice, in a variety of sizes and formats.  Your student may even use his or her flag as a banner when attending home games. 

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These MLB Flags and Banners are an Instant Hit with Baseball Fans

MLB flags and bannersAs the hottest part of summer descends on most of the country, avid baseball fans are gearing up for another exciting championship season.  In addition to the requisite t-shirts, hats and jackets from their favorite team, MLB flags and banners are quickly becoming a favorite among diehard fans.  Initially, the only way to find MLB flags and banners for your team was to buy one from a vendor at the game, but official souvenir shops don’t always sell them at the stadium.  The vendors who do sell them usually buy the cheapest quality flags, which rarely last the season before fading.  So where do all those fans find brightly colored, high-quality MLB flags and banners?  They purchase them online.

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