Halloween 2010 – What Flag is Popular?

What’s our “best-seller” for Halloween?

Flag of Chile
Most popular flag this Halloween

The flag of Chile! One of the most popular costumes for creative Trick-or-Treater’s this year is to dress up as a “Chilean miner” – using a plastic hard-hat and wearing a Chilean flag as a cape!

Optional are overalls or other appropriate work-clothes and boots, a light for the hard-hat, and face makeup to… look like you’ve been down in the mine. Adults are buying a 3×5 ft. size flag and children a smaller 2×3 ft. flag. The result is a costume that celebrates the real miners’ rescue and is fun and inventive too.

Holiday Flags – An Ever-Changing Decorative Look for Your Home

holiday flagsNot long ago, the only flag that most families owned was an American flag, which was dutifully displayed during the three major patriotic holidays of the year – Memorial Day, Independence Day and the Fourth of July.  But today’s selection of decorative house flags has made it possible for families to display holiday flags year round. 

With holiday flags, it is easy to make your home look beautiful during every season and every holiday, simply by collecting decorative flags for outside.  Outdoor holiday flags are also a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home without spending a lot of time and money. 

In addition to decorative holiday flags for Christmas, here are some other ways to use holiday flags to on the outside of your home –

New Year’s Flags are a great way to welcome friends on New Year’s Eve, and often include colorful images of “Baby New Year”, hats and noisemakers or just a “Happy New Year!” greeting.

Valentine’s Day Flags are often the type of holiday flags you can display at other times of the year, since some depict the standard hearts and flowers.  Others include Cupid, heart-shaped balloons, and candy heart messages.

St. Patrick’s Day Flags come in every imaginable shade of green, and feature leprechauns, shamrocks and rainbows, or simply the Irish national flag. 

Easter Flags are popular choice to brighten the home for spring, and feature everything from religious themes to tulips and hyacinth.  Commercial versions of these holiday flags often include jellybeans, bunnies and chicks. 

Halloween and Thanksgiving flags are available in a beautiful selection of fall colors, with many featuring pumpkins, cornucopia and turkeys. 

All of these decorative house flags offer homeowners a way to brighten their home in a simple yet colorful way. Why not start shopping for a selection of outdoor holiday flags today?

Decorate Your Home with a Festive Halloween or Thanksgiving Banner This Year!

thanksgiving bannerWhat is the best way to welcome home family members from around the country this Thanksgiving?  By flying a colorful Thanksgiving banner outside of your home, of course. 

The fall harvest season has become such a popular time to decorate, but many people find themselves putting all the fall decorations away as soon as Halloween is over.  Once the pumpkins, scarecrows, and spooky décor are put away, there is little color left until Christmas comes.  

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College Team Flags – A Great Gift Idea for Students

college team flagsHaving a hard time thinking of a great gift idea for your favorite college student?  To come up with the best gifts for students, you may need to “think like a college student”, (and no, that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy them a case of beer!)  College team flags are a much better – and healthier – idea.  In fact, anything with their school’s logo on it will go over well with students. Chances are they already have a sweatshirt and some basic dorm room décor, but they probably don’t have a college team flag

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Colorful Collegiate Flags are the Best Way to Show Your School Spirit

collegiate flagsWhether you are a current college student or you just get all misty-eyed thinking about your alma mater, collegiate flags are one of the best ways to show your “school spirit”.  Just as there are hundreds of different college flags available for sale, there are just as many ways to display them. 

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Flying International Flags the Right Way

international flagsThere is nothing like the sight of colorful international flags lining both sides of big-city thoroughfare.  It brings to mind the uniqueness and cultural diversity of each country in our global community, and inspires national pride among a nation of immigrants.   

International flags are flown in many places throughout the United States, from embassies and historic sites to restaurants and private residences.  Wherever there is recognition of another country’s role in our heritage, an international flag is proudly flown.   However, there are certain “rules” that apply to flying these flags, and many people are unaware of them.

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How Can a Promotion Banner Be a Tool for Marketing Your Business?

promotion bannerWhen most businesses think about marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is an ad campaign on the radio, in print, or online.  It is rare for a “promotion banner” to be anywhere near the top of the list, but that’s because the focus of most marketing efforts is to bring people into the store. Once they get there, however, there is very little done to make them buy something.  This is where a promotional banner can be that “silent salesperson” that draws customers to your cash registers.

How to Strategically Position Promotional Banners

Depending on the type of business you are in, a promotion banner can be used in many different ways.  If your store is located in a shopping center, then a promotional banner may be positioned closer to the street.  It is here that you will want to let passersby know that you are running a 2-for-1 special on Early Bird Dinners, or a special price on a Manicure and Pedicure. 

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Show Your Team Spirit with NFL Banners and Flags

NFL banners and flags
NFL Banners and Flags

Football season is just getting started, but many fans are already preparing to show their team spirit!  It seems like every year, fans are presented with more merchandise (also known as “fan gear”) to prove how loyal they are to their favorite NFL team.  Whether it’s the latest NFL banners and flags, NFL fan gear, team jerseys, or blankets, diehard fans will probably buy it.  And while other sports come close, it’s hard to imagine any activity that captures the attention of more Americans than the NFL season.

One “football fanatic” trend that seems to get more popular with each passing year is the display of NFL banners and flags.  National football league flags are now available in a variety of formats, each featuring a colorful display of team spirit for all to see.

NFL flags and banners are available in several different sizes, so you can display them almost anywhere.  Officially licensed designs for each NFL team can be purchased in 100% nylon or polyester flags.

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Large Flags and Banners – A Great Way to Attract Attention

large flags and bannersWant to attract more attention to your outdoor occasion, tent sale, concert or special event?  Large flags and banners might be just what you’re looking for.  If your business hosts an annual sales event, large advertising banners can provide enough visual interest to stop passersby in their tracks, while large garden flags can be the perfect complement to a public corporate gathering.  Banners can be custom-designed with colorful symbols for outside of the home, or with designs that are eye-catching enough to draw customers into a store. 

Surprisingly, large flags and banners can be ordered online and made to order by custom flag manufacturers in just a few days, without a very large investment.  Here are a few of the more popular types of banners and flags available today.

Large Garden Flags:  These can be used to decorate a home or place of business, and are often made from very colorful patterns.  For an annual garden party, golf outing, convention gathering or family reunion, large outdoor flags are easy to transport and can be used year after year.

A Large Pirate Flag can make the perfect decoration for a dorm room wall, pirate themed party, or as a decoration on a yacht. 

Large American Flags are often seen in front of schools, public buildings and businesses that want o show their patriotism, and large confederate flags are often flown by Civil War buffs or residents of Southern states. 

Whether you are looking to present a corporate image, advertise an event, beautify a building, or show patriotism, there are many ways to use large flags and banners to celebrate, promote and decorate almost any outdoor space.

Advertising Flags and Banners: The Most Affordable Way to Promote a Business

advertising flags and bannersWhen most business owners think about marketing, they rarely consider the effective use of advertising flags and banners.  A relatively simple concept that was born long before the invention of television, radio and electronic media, advertising flags have the ability to inspire immediate action, while building a brand that is highly recognizable.  In fact, when advertising banners are used in a store with heavy foot traffic, they can do more to drive sales than much more expensive forms of advertising. 

One reason why so many businesses buy advertising flags and banners is their eye-catching appearance.  Because they can be small enough to be strategically positioned outside of retail spaces, or large enough to draw unprecedented attention to a store, these banners can be used to promote products, sales, places and events.  For larger corporate entities, advertising banners can serve as an adjunct to larger television and print campaigns. 

There is nothing more frustrating to retailers than to have people respond to their media advertising, drive to the store, and then walk away without the item they came for.  Without an advertising banner that announces a sales event, some customers might leave, thinking they missed the special sale. 

Because these advertising flags are so mobile, they can easily be moved around and repositioned for maximum visibility. Most are lightweight and made from colorful hues that attract attention.  When these outdoor banners move in the breeze, they are more likely to capture the eye than other types of signage. 

Advertising flags and banners are a much more affordable way to do outdoor advertising.  They can be delivered quickly and installed easily, allowing even small business to make a “splash” with very little cash. 

 The Advertising Flag Company has been making and selling a wide variety of flags since 1936, and their FLAGPRO® Flag Store offers a huge selection of affordable flags, banners, flagpoles and accessories.

Don’t Give Up the Guidon: A Short History of Civil War Flags

Learning about the stories behind various Civil War flags is a favorite pastime for American history buffs, especially collectors of union and confederate flags. 

One type of flag that is common to most collections from the Civil War era is a cavalry guidon.  People who haven’t served in the military may be unfamiliar with this French-sounding term.  To clarify, a guidon is a military standard carried by companies or platoons to signify their unity designation and corps affiliation, such as Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.  Most military guidons are rectangular in shape, but they often have a triangular shape that can be removed, which would make the flag “swallow-tailed”. 

During the Civil War, just like today, the guidon flag was flown with a great sense of pride.  To this day, several military traditions revolve around this flag.  For example, if the service member carrying the guidon should drop it, he must fall with it and perform a set or two of push-ups as punishment. It is also considered an honor to carry the guidon flag, so it is taken quite seriously in drills and ceremonies. 

Because the Civil War guidons were taken even more seriously than any of ours, other units would often try to steal the guidon as a way to antagonize or demoralize the soldiers. But any veteran soldier will tell you never to give up the guidon unless absolutely necessary.

Collectors of confederate flags and other Civil War flags will enjoy the complete selection of all types of battle flags and more just by searching on the FLAGPRO Online Catalog. 

Starting a collection of Civil War flags is a great way to track the various battles and important events of this era of national turmoil.  Many history buffs and Civil War historians collect small framed flags from a variety of sources, but the number of authentic flags is very limited. 

Replica flags are a much more affordable way to complete a collection, and can be used during reenactments.  Shopping at a U.S. flag store for replicas is a great way to fill gaps in a Civil War flag collection.  The Advertising Flag Company has been making and selling a wide variety of flags since 1936, and their FLAGPRO® Flag Store offers a huge selection of affordable flags, banners, flagpoles and accessories.

An Overview of Union Flags from the Civil War

Serious collectors of Civil War era flags are usually very specific about American history, and look for certain types of flags to complete their collection.  Many will focus on either the Union or the Confederacy flags, but a Civil War historian often has a complete collection of both.  This article focuses on the Union flags from the Civil War era.

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A Brief History of American Civil War Flags

For anyone who is interested in American history, the Civil War is a subject of much fascination.  One can learn a lot about the American Civil War itself just by studying the many versions of the American flag that were used during the Civil War timeframe.

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