Bring Traffic in the Door Now with Advertising Flags for Sales

You’ve heard about the various methods of “driving traffic” in retail advertising, but these days most of these methods only drive traffic to your website.  What if you want foot traffic into your stores?  Sometimes it takes a lot more than an online banner ad to motivate customers to act.  Using advertising flags for promoting a sale is often the easiest way to get immediate results from your advertising, and they are usually far less expensive than an online campaign.

As marketers are faced with a wider selection of advertising vehicles than ever, everyone is scrambling to find the right “media mix.”  While this may be a good idea for those with an unlimited advertising budget, most retailers are working with a smaller budget this year.  When a colleague of mine first told me he found some advertising flags for sale from a well known flag manufacturer, my first impression was that this was rather old-fashioned.  After spending more than a decade with an interactive marketing agency, my experience with banners was limited to online display ads.  Did anyone still use the real cloth banners as a primary method for communicating a message?

It wasn’t until I went to my first retail trade show that I learned about the Advertising Flag Company and how versatile their choices are for advertising.  I was surprised to see how many small retailers were more interested in the advertising flags for sale than they were in an email campaign or search engine marketing.  Sure, those methods of marketing have their place in the information age, but there is still plenty of room for good old traditional marketing techniques.

How can advertising flags be used for your next sale?  They can be positioned on the property surrounding your store or in the windows of your establishment.  Some retailers even use small roadside flags to “tease” a sale as motorists get closer to the business.  When this type of promotion is done right, it can be far more effective than broadcast or newspaper advertising; particularly when the store is located in a high-traffic area.

Rather than reinventing the wheel for every seasonal sale, most retailers will purchase a set of advertising flags for each sale throughout the year.  This way, when the Fall Clearance Sale comes around again next year, they are ready to go.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to generate interest in your retail business, check out the advertising flags for sale at

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