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usa flags for saleHow long has it been since you’ve purchased a new flag?  Was it before people started shopping on the web?  Perhaps this is the first time you’ve searched for USA flags for sale.  If you are unfamiliar with the traditions behind the American flag, now might be a good time to brush up on the history and symbolism of the flag.  Not that this is a requirement for new flag owners, but as a history buff I never miss an opportunity to help a fellow American develop a greater appreciation for the Stars and Stripes.

Patriotism and the American Flag

The American flag has come to symbolize the unity established among American people and the strength we’ve achieved through weaving together the talents of many people.  While it may seem like a simple pattern that is more symbolic than real, one can truly see the flags significance by the number of people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep it flying.  People from other countries will often comment on the sheer number of USA flags for sale, and how many of them are flown year-round.  It all comes down to one very important trait – love of country – which can be simplified to one word as “Patriotism.”

The very first flag was created in 1767, but it wasn’t yet known as the Star-Spangled Banner.  Back then they called it the U.S. Civil flag.  Unlike the current design of stars and stripes, this “Sons of Liberty” Civil flag consisted of vertical stripes and an eagle in the corner where the stars are now displayed.  As the flag evolved over time, it was called many different things.  An early prototype of today’s American flag, known as the Grand Union, was proposed by George Washington in 1776.  Unlike the USA flags for sale today, the stars were within a circle or a star shape.  This early version of the flag changed quite a bit as the number of colonies increased.

Perhaps one reason why it’s become a tradition to fly the American flag on so many occasions is the interesting story the flag tells about American history. Things may have changed quite a bit since the first flag was flown in this nation, but the flag has never failed to be the face of patriotism that America shows to the world.

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