Calculating the ROI for Custom Advertising Flags and Banners

custom advertising flags and bannersAs someone who counts himself among the few remaining “traditional marketers” who still believes in the power of branding, I am amazed at how many retail businesses have abandoned their outdoor advertising budgets.  And I’m not just talking about billboards.  There was a time when every retailer who wanted to increase store traffic would invest in a few custom advertising flags and banners, but sadly many have deleted this line item from their budget and replaced it with online display banners ads. 

The movement toward “measurable media” was no surprise to me or anyone else who has been watching the growth of online advertising, but I never expected the concept of branding fall this far down on the list of priorities for retailers.  When I consult with a client, I always recommend a balanced marketing strategy; one that includes a mix of geo-targeted search engine marketing and social media as well as local print or direct mail, and I never forget an outdoor advertising strategy for retail locations. 

Custom advertising flags and banners can be used in a number of ways to attract new customers.  If your store is located in a strip center or shopping mall, there may be rules about where and how you can place signage promoting a specific store; but if your store is a stand-alone building, you will have the freedom to place them in many strategic locations. 

While outdoor signage may require a small investment, the return on investment for custom advertising flags and banners far outweighs the cost.  Think about how much more valuable the traffic driving by your store is, compared to the people who might see an online display ad for 1/10th of a second.  Putting your message in front of people who have the ability to act upon it immediately is always the better option. 

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