Promote New Products and Services with Custom Flags and Banners

custom flags and banners 2Is it time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your marketing plans?  As a retailer, there is no doubt your store has a number of products and services that are worthy of promotion, but how do you get the word out without using up you marketing budget?  Well, there’s good news – custom flags and banners offer a creative yet economical way to get a message out to consumers quickly.  This is particularly true if your store is located in a busy retail area.  Before ordering custom outdoor flags and banners, be sure you know about any restrictions in the size or number of flags allowed outside of your store.

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Advertising Flags and Promotional Banners Grab Attention

advertising flags + promotionalWondering how you can make your business stand out from the crowd?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on print or broadcast advertising, smart business owners are choosing colorful advertising flags as promotional tools.  Outdoor advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing for small to midsize retailers, particularly when the location is in a high-traffic area.  Look at it this way; if potential customers are going to be moving slowly past your store in rush hour traffic, why not motivate them to come in and shop?

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Wholesale Advertising Flags – Why Smart Retailers Swear By Them

advertising flagsHave you ever driven down the road and noticed a business for the first time – just because they did something to change the exterior?  I am constantly noticing the presence of advertising flags in front of a business because they show up in my peripheral vision.  Even when I’m looking straight ahead, the motion of a colorful flag in front of a business is hard to miss.

Customized advertising flags and banners are available wholesale from, the ecommerce storefront for the Advertising Flag Company.  As a manufacturer and purveyor of flags since 1936, this popular company is known for its high quality outdoor flags, made from the most durable materials.

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Advertising Flags and Banners – The Latest Trend in Outdoor Advertising

advertising flags and bannersIf you’re like most business owners, then you are probably working with a reduced ad budget these days.  Unfortunately marketing and adverting budgets are among the first to get cut in tough times and they are one of the last to be reinstated in a recovery.  As a result, marketing managers are getting creative with advertising flags and banners.  But don’t think this means they’re ordering customized rectangular flags or banners to hang in store windows.  The kind of advertising flags being purchased today are more likely to be customized.  Promotional companies may say they can offer high quality custom flags, but there is nothing like working with a flag manufacturer.

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Custom Banners and Flags Make Advertising More Affordable

custom flags and bannersHave you tried everything to get more customers into your store?  Well, if you’re still using newspapers, direct mail or electronic media, your ad may be competing for attention with the hundreds of other messages.  Maybe it’s time to look at something that has worked for hundreds of years – custom banners and flags.  Custom flags can be made to order in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but it’s important to get it right because you will use these banners repeatedly for years.

Retailers who sell furniture and mattresses are usually familiar with the concept of custom banners and flags, and car dealers are no strangers to outdoor advertising, but flags are usually more effective than billboards.  Billboards are static images that have a tendency to blend into the background, while flags and banners move in the wind.  As you drive by a store, it’s hard not to notice when it’s surrounded by colorful moving flags.

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Promotional Banners And Flags – Are They More Effective than Digital Banners?

promotional banners and flagsIf you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you are already familiar with digital banners; those annoying square or rectangular ads that show up on the right side of your screen.  While many of these banners are targeted directly to you, based on your Internet search habits, very few people actually click on them. Conversely, the promotional banners and flags we see while we’re out driving around are usually noticed.  Because they are unique and three dimensional, they rarely become part of the scenery.

Today’s marketers find it difficult to stand out on the Internet unless they’re promoting a product that is in very high demand, completely unique, or hard to find elsewhere.   If your business is seeking out new customers, you might want to take a break from the two-dimensional screen and give promotional flags and banners a second look.  While it may seem a bit old fashioned to buy real fabric or vinyl flags pennants and banners these days, many small businesses swear by this type of advertising to drive foot traffic into their stores.

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Outdoor Banners and Flags Give Your Company an “Edge”

outdoor flags and bannersIt does seem like every article you read about marketing these days is focused on digital.  Even the largest advertising and marketing conferences have made their trade shows available to a “virtual” audience.  But what about good old-fashioned outdoor advertising, such as outdoor banners and flags?  Is it time for marketers to take a step back from their computers and look at the bigger picture?  There is something so immediate and action-oriented about a tangible sign that directs you into a business.  Outdoor banners and flags are an inexpensive yet effective way to set your business apart from the crowd and gain an edge over the competition.

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As a retailer with a strong following on the Internet, has become quite savvy with their use of technology. In addition to featuring their product lines on the website,, they are now utilizing one of today’s most effective online technologies to speak directly to their customers.  Using video, ecommerce businesses can give potential customers more information without forcing them to read the “About” page, and that is just what the owner of the Advertising Flag Company has done in their recent promotional video.

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Custom Flags and Banners Draw Customers Into a Store

custom banners and flagsOne of the most significant challenges to running a retail business is attracting new customers to the store.  With marketing budgets being cut, it is even more difficult to drive traffic in the door.  However, there are some things that successful retailers consistently do to reach their sales goals and stay in business.  Rather than spending a fortune on radio and newspaper advertising, they use custom banners and flags to draw customers in the door.

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Promotional Flags for Outdoor Use – Think of them as Mobile Billboards

promotional flags outdoor useIf you’ve ever priced out an outdoor advertising campaign, you know how expensive it can be, and because it lacks “measurability,” you never know if it really worked.  That’s why so many retailers are moving away from static billboards in favor of “mobile billboards,” or promotional flags for outdoor use.  Promotional flags are certainly nothing new; in fact, they are one of the oldest forms of consumer advertising.  But when ad budgets are tight, they remain one of the more effective methods of bringing customers in the door.

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Promotional Banners and Flags – An Easy Option for Outdoor Trade Shows

promotional banners and flagsHas your company charged you with the procurement of promotional banners and flags for an upcoming trade show?  This may not sound like a particularly difficult task, but it can be a lot more time consuming than you think; especially with all the choices available today.  It used to be that one would need to search through bulky catalogs and wait several weeks for their order to be filled.  While online flag sites have made it much easier to order, it’s hard to get that personalized attention that you need. 

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Kick Off a Promotion with Custom Banners and Flags

custom flags and bannersIt may still be summer, but the Back to School season is already upon us.  It won’t be long before people come home from vacation to find a mailbox full of “sale” ads and an inbox full of email promotions.  But what really grabs people when they are out looking for bargains?  Custom banners and flags, of course! The average consumer is inundated with messages on television, in newspapers and on their favorite web sites, but few advertising vehicles are more effective than a colorful sale banner in a store window. 

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How Can Advertising Flags and Banners Improve Sales at Your Store?

advertising flags and banners + storeAfter spending a week in a shore town this summer, I came with an entirely back new perspective on advertising and promotion.  Just when you think you “know it all” about advertising and marketing, it seems that something incredibly simple can elude you.  Such is the case with advertising flags and banners.  When your store is in a busy resort area, such as the Boardwalk in Ocean City NJ, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of people. 

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Custom Flags and Banners – An Economical Approach to Advertising

custom flags and bannersAs retailers prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year, many are dealing with significant cuts in their marketing budget.  As we all know, without a plan to drive customers into the store, it can be very difficult to compete.  But retailers are getting smarter about how they spend their marketing budgets.  Instead of buying a large ad in a daily newspaper or running a pricey radio campaign, custom flags and banners are quickly making a comeback.  It’s not that retailers ever stopped using promotional banners to draw in customers; they just have never used them in such creative ways. 

If you talk to a billboard salesperson, they will give you plenty of data about the influence of outdoor advertising, citing how many thousands of potential customers drive by a billboard in a given week.  The same thing can be said about custom flags and banners, albeit on a smaller scale.  While there is nothing wrong with advertising your business on the internet or the airwaves, it’s hard to beat the impact of a promotional flag campaign that leads customers to your door.  Depending on where your store is located, it may be possible to create interest by placing “teaser flags” along the roadside that direct customers to your store. 

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How Car Dealerships Use Promotional Flags and Banners to Win Customers

promotional flags and bannersWhat is the best way to move new or used cars off of the lot?  According to car and truck dealerships across the country, promotional flags and banners play a more important role than you would think.  Whether your dealership is located in a rural area or on a busy street with several other auto dealers, you want to catch people’s eye when they drive by, and there is no better way to do this than colorful flags waving in the wind. 

The philosophy behind this is simple.  Promotional flags and banners are never static; they are always moving a little bit in the breeze.  Drivers can tune out a lot of the background while they’re driving, including buildings and billboards, but they tend to notice anything that is moving.  Even if a promotional banner just causes a driver to glance in the direction of a car lot, chances are there will be something of interest to keep their attention. 

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