Civil War Flags to color

On this #TBT here is a page from book called “Civil War Flags to color” by Bellerophon Books and published in 1992. Price was $2.50.
The text is done by Dr Whitney Smith, Flag Research Center and the drawings by Nancy Conkle.
Here we have 3 Union flags.

Banners and Flags Make Great Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

banners and flagsThe holidays will be here and gone before you know it; do you have that special gift picked out yet?  Everyone has someone on their list that is hard to buy for; maybe it’s their intellectual history-professor-type dad, or their college-football-fanatic nephew.  Perhaps it’s that friend who recently moved into the neighborhood.  Did you know that all of these people and more would love to receive banners and flags?

Colorful banners and flags may seem more like an advertising gimmick than a gift, but in reality there is a flag out there for everyone on your list.  The best part about buying flags for your loved ones is you don’t even need to leave home. They can all be purchased from the comfort of your computer chair.

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