International Flag Store Welcomes Vexillologists!

international flag storeIf you’ve ever been a collector of any kind, even as a child, then you may be able to relate to vexillology, the study of flags and flag design.  Flag collectors often refer to themselves as vexillologists, which is often nothing more than a fancy name for a flag collector, the people who keep an international flag store in business.  Similar to philatelists like to show off their collections of stamps and petrologists often build elaborate displays to showcase their rock collections, vexillologists spend a lot of time building their collection of flags from around the world. 

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Flags of the World for Sale – Decorate with International Flags

flags of the world for saleAs the weather warms up and we reach the halfway point between spring and summer, thoughts turn to backyard barbecues and outdoor events.  Avid boaters start to prepare their vessels for another summer on the water, and event planners kick into high gear with upcoming summer outings.  So what does all this activity have to do with flags?  It depends on your decorating style, or the type of event you’re planning, but this is the time of year that flag manufacturers start to promote their Flags of the World for sale.  Whether it is a community association sprucing up the flags that line a main thoroughfare, or a sports arena looking to jazz up their pedestrian walkways, it seems like spring is the time to decorate with international flags. 

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International Flags Make a Great Teaching Tool in Classrooms

international flagsTeachers and school administrators are always looking for new teaching tools for classroom learning that hold the interest of students and encourage them to excel.  As an educator for over 30 year, I have always found that children and teenagers respond best when they are able to associate an image with a concept. Whenever possible, I use three-dimensional teaching tools that take students out of the textbook and into the world around them.  International flags are an excellent way to illustrate the lessons of history, geography, world affairs and current events. 

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Halloween 2010 – What Flag is Popular?

What’s our “best-seller” for Halloween?

Flag of Chile
Most popular flag this Halloween

The flag of Chile! One of the most popular costumes for creative Trick-or-Treater’s this year is to dress up as a “Chilean miner” – using a plastic hard-hat and wearing a Chilean flag as a cape!

Optional are overalls or other appropriate work-clothes and boots, a light for the hard-hat, and face makeup to… look like you’ve been down in the mine. Adults are buying a 3×5 ft. size flag and children a smaller 2×3 ft. flag. The result is a costume that celebrates the real miners’ rescue and is fun and inventive too.

Flying International Flags the Right Way

international flagsThere is nothing like the sight of colorful international flags lining both sides of big-city thoroughfare.  It brings to mind the uniqueness and cultural diversity of each country in our global community, and inspires national pride among a nation of immigrants.   

International flags are flown in many places throughout the United States, from embassies and historic sites to restaurants and private residences.  Wherever there is recognition of another country’s role in our heritage, an international flag is proudly flown.   However, there are certain “rules” that apply to flying these flags, and many people are unaware of them.

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