Collecting Baseball Flags and Pennants – A Great Hobby for Young Fans

baseball flags and pennantsIf someone in your family is a huge fan of major league baseball, then it may be time to start them on a new hobby.  Baseball fans are known for their love of memorabilia, and they particularly enjoy collecting baseball flags and pennants.  Some of the rarest pennants they collect are only available on eBay and other auction sites, and can be fairly expensive, but there are plenty of affordable baseball flags and pennants available online.

Ever since the early days of baseball, teams have been competing for the league’s “pennant”, which at one time was nothing more than a triangle-shaped flag that flew over the field of the winning team.  When vendors began selling miniature fabric versions of the same flag, fans would snatch them up as beloved souvenirs.  Some examples of these early MLB pennants are still displayed in Cooperstown at the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  Many of these early baseball flags and pennants feature the image of a baseball player pitching, or the stadium of the winning team.

While it may be too costly for a young baseball fan to start a collection of vintage baseball flags and pennants, there is no reason they can’t begin a collection of present-day flags.  Just like the fans of the 50s and 60s never thought their souvenirs would ever be worth anything, fans of today might feel the same way, but if they keep the collection in good condition it could be worth a great deal someday. 

In the old days, the only way to purchase a pennant of your favorite baseball team was to visit the ballpark.  Some companies sponsored mini-pennants as a giveaway item during the 1950s, and kids were encouraged to send away for baseball flags from Bazooka bubble gum, but without access to the Internet, it would have been hard to find flags from every team. 

Today’s collector of baseball flags and pennants can easily find an incredible variety of team memorabilia just by searching online.  As a well known manufacturer of promotional and sports flags, the Advertising Flag Company ( has a great selection of baseball flags and other sport flags from professional and college-level teams around the country.  As your one-stop online shop for anything flag related, can be an excellent resource for any flag collector.

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