College Flags Make the Perfect “Going Away to College” Gift

college flagsI know, you’re probably wondering when it became fashionable to give your kids a gift just for going away to college.   They should be grateful enough for the opportunity to go to college, right?  But as “moving in” day approaches, many first-time college parents begin to realize how much they will miss having their son or daughter at home.  College flags make the perfect gift for your student, and you may want to pick one up for yourself at the same time.  

Dorm decorating is a lot different for the guys than it is for the girls.  Truth is, the average guy cares very little about whether his comforter and sheet set match.  But both genders are equally concerned about their wall decorations.  After all, if they will be staring at the same wall, day in and day out, and possibly getting a little homesick, they want the right things hanging on it.  Buying college flags online will allow you to get flags from the school (or schools) of your choice, in a variety of sizes and formats.  Your student may even use his or her flag as a banner when attending home games. 

Even if your student is not the “school spirit” type, college flags are not limited to full-time students.  In fact, according to one flag manufacturer, college flags are more likely to be purchased by former students than current ones.  Whether you are decorating a basement recreation room, adding a flag pole to your front porch or hosting a college reunion, college flags are the best way to show your school pride.  Sometimes, people decorate their home entertainment rooms with college flags from every school that each family member attended. 

But where can I find college flags?

College flags are often sold in the college bookstore or web site, but they are much more expensive there.  If you want a great source for flags from the major colleges and universities, the best place to start is at is the online home of the Advertising Flag Company, a reputable flag manufacturer since 1936.  Their selection of officially licensed college flags is virtually unbeatable, and includes 3’ x 5’ indoor/outdoor flags as well as jumbo 2’ x 8’ college banners.  Shop at for college flags and banners from a growing list of schools, including Big Ten, Ivy League, NCAA, PAC10, MAC, Big East and Big 12 university conferences.

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