Custom Flags and Banners – An Economical Approach to Advertising

custom flags and bannersAs retailers prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year, many are dealing with significant cuts in their marketing budget.  As we all know, without a plan to drive customers into the store, it can be very difficult to compete.  But retailers are getting smarter about how they spend their marketing budgets.  Instead of buying a large ad in a daily newspaper or running a pricey radio campaign, custom flags and banners are quickly making a comeback.  It’s not that retailers ever stopped using promotional banners to draw in customers; they just have never used them in such creative ways. 

If you talk to a billboard salesperson, they will give you plenty of data about the influence of outdoor advertising, citing how many thousands of potential customers drive by a billboard in a given week.  The same thing can be said about custom flags and banners, albeit on a smaller scale.  While there is nothing wrong with advertising your business on the internet or the airwaves, it’s hard to beat the impact of a promotional flag campaign that leads customers to your door.  Depending on where your store is located, it may be possible to create interest by placing “teaser flags” along the roadside that direct customers to your store. 

Custom flags and banners are an excellent way to create interest in your store without spending a lot of money.  They can be designed around a specific annual sales event, and displayed at the same time every year.  What’s nice about this approach is how the flags can be used again and again for several years.  If your store has an annual clearance sale, for example, can help you customize your promotional banners to get the maximum impact. 

Another way to use custom flags and banners is to promote a one-day only sales event, such as a sidewalk sale or one day sale.  If your store is located in a shopping district, find out where and when you can position temporary advertising flags.  Many retailers find that placing banners around the corner or down the street can be very effective, with each flag directing customers to their special event. 

At, their custom flags and banners include everything from vinyl avenue banners to backdrops, Sunbrella flags and stick flags.  For more than 75 years, the Advertising Flag Company has been a premier supplier of custom advertising flags and banners for retailers, trade shows, industry and government.

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