Don’t Give Up the Guidon: A Short History of Civil War Flags

Learning about the stories behind various Civil War flags is a favorite pastime for American history buffs, especially collectors of union and confederate flags. 

One type of flag that is common to most collections from the Civil War era is a cavalry guidon.  People who haven’t served in the military may be unfamiliar with this French-sounding term.  To clarify, a guidon is a military standard carried by companies or platoons to signify their unity designation and corps affiliation, such as Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.  Most military guidons are rectangular in shape, but they often have a triangular shape that can be removed, which would make the flag “swallow-tailed”. 

During the Civil War, just like today, the guidon flag was flown with a great sense of pride.  To this day, several military traditions revolve around this flag.  For example, if the service member carrying the guidon should drop it, he must fall with it and perform a set or two of push-ups as punishment. It is also considered an honor to carry the guidon flag, so it is taken quite seriously in drills and ceremonies. 

Because the Civil War guidons were taken even more seriously than any of ours, other units would often try to steal the guidon as a way to antagonize or demoralize the soldiers. But any veteran soldier will tell you never to give up the guidon unless absolutely necessary.

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