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flag blogWriting a flag blog about American made flags isn’t always easy. There seem to be fewer and fewer companies in American making flags these days and yet there are even fewer patriots who would want to own an American flag that was made in China.  Flying the American flag isn’t just something you do in front of a school, post office or public building.  It is a highly personal act of patriotism for homeowners and business owners across the country.  When one displays the flag, it is not just to display patriotic spirit; it is to demonstrate that you still believe in the values on which this country was founded.

The Advertising Flag Company has been a manufacturer and purveyor of American flags since 1936, and they continue to expand on their inventory while increasing their capabilities within the promotional flag-making space.  As an American company that is truly committed to supporting the U.S. economy by keeping their operations stateside, the Advertising Flag Company is the kind of business that should be patronized by American families and business owners.

Flags should be designed for years of outdoor use, including some exposure to the elements, and while it may be possible to buy flags made from cheaper material it is not a wise move for the long term. As I often advise people in my flag blog – buy American flags made from heavy-duty nylon materials when selecting a flag for outdoor use.  This doesn’t mean they will be any less brilliant or elegant in their fabrication.  The stripes and stars will still be sewn and embroidered and the fly ends heavily reinforced.  Because the Advertising Flag Company is able to sell these flags at a discounted price, it is more likely that business owners will shop here to buy flags in bulk.

It is rare to find a selection of flags of the USA as extensive as what is available at FlagPro.com, the web site for the Advertising Flag Company.  Everything from a small desk flag to a 2.5’ and 4’ cotton flag banner is available here.  There are 5’ X 8’ Hercules Polyester flags, 30’ X 60’ Millennium Nylon flags, even motorcycle flags and commemorative wood flag cases.

As the season for patriotic holidays approaches, expect to see more articles on this flag blog about American flags and flag collecting.  And when it’s time to purchase a new flag for your home or office, be sure to shop at FlagPro.com.

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