Football Flags and Banners Add More Excitement to the Season

football flags and bannersYou may have already prepared your favorite football fan for the excitement of football season, but you’re not completely ready for game day unless you have some football flags and banners.  Finding the right banners for your favorite football fan depends on how they plan to use them.  Some of the most popular football flags and banners are designed to be flown outdoors on a flag pole, while others are more appropriate for the inside of a dorm room or sports bar.  Still others are brought to the stadium or college football field and hung up over the railings or across the top of the stands.

In addition to the size of the banner, you will need to know the teams your favorite fan supports.  Don’t assume that just because he or she is a fan of NFL football that they will automatically support their local team.  I know a lot of people who live in Philadelphia but choose to support the New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys instead of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Other fans have been turned off completely by the overly commercial professional football teams and have committed themselves entirely to college ball.  When two spouses went to colleges that rival one another on the gridiron, it can be a source of real marital stress, so if you buy a football flag or banner for one fan  in the house, be sure to buy one for any other diehard fans.

When you purchase football flags, try to stay away from the roadside vendors or “unofficial’ sellers at the stadium.  In most cases, these flags and banners will fade in the sun, or they will not last more than one season.  The best place to buy a banner for your favorite team is to look online on the website of a reputable flag manufacturer.  The Advertising Flag Company has a customer-friendly ecommerce site called, which offers shoppers an unparalleled selection of flags from every major NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball team. They also sell an impressive variety of college football flags and banners, plus many other international, promotional and holiday flags for every possible need.

If you want a great gift idea for that football fan in your life, skip the jersey or the coffee mug this year and head to FlagPro for the best assortment of football flags and banners.

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