How Can Advertising Flags and Banners Improve Sales at Your Store?

advertising flags and banners + storeAfter spending a week in a shore town this summer, I came with an entirely back new perspective on advertising and promotion.  Just when you think you “know it all” about advertising and marketing, it seems that something incredibly simple can elude you.  Such is the case with advertising flags and banners.  When your store is in a busy resort area, such as the Boardwalk in Ocean City NJ, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of people. 

Even those stores with the best products and the most ingenious business plans can be out of business after one summer season.  What makes one business stand out from another in such an environment?  Believe it or not, it can be something as simple as the effective use of advertising flags and banners.  The ideal way to attract customers is with an enticing offer or a popular logo from one of their favorite brands.  For example, one store I visited was selling Vera Bradley bags, a very popular upscale handbag brand for women.  Without their series of colorful advertising flags and banners, the store might have gone unnoticed, but instead the store was packed with customers. 

Even a quick-serve restaurant or snack stand can benefit from advertising flags and banners.  While many of these flags need to be made in custom sizes and shapes, it is still far more economical for restaurants to drive traffic with this form of advertising.  Colorful flags can feature pictures of mouthwatering French fries or funnel cake, which virtually guarantees a line out in front of the store.  Of course, the food has to meet expectations as well, but the banners are what gets people to try the food in the first place. 

One of the newest stores on the Boardwalk, Chickie & Pete’s Famous Crab Fries, used a tantalizing display of advertising flags and banners, which immediately grabbed the attention of passersby.  Another store that used this marketing tactic effectively was a toy and gift store called Air Circus.  It’s not surprising that this store chose advertising flags and banners, since they specialize in kites, outdoor banners and wind socks.  Walking by this store, it was easy to see that their flags and banners drew quite a crowd of curious shoppers into the store.  Without advertising flags and banners, this store might have had a hard time attracting customers.    

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your store in a busy shopping district, find out how advertising flags and banners can make all the difference.

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