International Flag Store Welcomes Vexillologists!

international flag storeIf you’ve ever been a collector of any kind, even as a child, then you may be able to relate to vexillology, the study of flags and flag design.  Flag collectors often refer to themselves as vexillologists, which is often nothing more than a fancy name for a flag collector, the people who keep an international flag store in business.  Similar to philatelists like to show off their collections of stamps and petrologists often build elaborate displays to showcase their rock collections, vexillologists spend a lot of time building their collection of flags from around the world. 

It is interesting to learn how many of the flags of the world came into existence. Just as the current American flag evolved from a series of earlier versions, each country has a story to tell about how their flag became what it is today.  Whether it was through a series of battles, revolutions, occupations or other cultural events, the serious vexillologist has a story to tell about each of the flags in his or her collection.  If you have an interest in this topic, a quick scan of the flags displayed in an international flag store may pique your interest even more.  In online flag stores, such as, it is possible to buy hundreds of different international flags in various sizes, as well as “flags of the world” display sets for classrooms and the home.  Parents and teachers often purchase flags from an international flag store as a way to educate children about the world around them and teach lessons about geography and world history.

A vexillographer is someone who designs flags, a practice which often relies heavily on the use of previous designs.  Most of the current flags available at an international flag store are just the most recent entry in an entire family of flags for that country, but most flags are in some way related to a common ancestor. Several books have been published on this topic, and how flags have been derived through various heraldic and authoritative government systems.  To learn more about vexillology, flag collectors will often join the North American Vexillogical Association (NAVA), a non-profit volunteer organization that studies the history and symbolism of flags. 

If you want to know why these significant swaths of cloth have had such a profound impact on the peoples and nations of the world, then start your collection by visiting an international flag store. is the web site of the Advertising Flag Company, a manufacturer and purveyor of fine flags since 1936.

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