International Flags Make a Great Teaching Tool in Classrooms

international flagsTeachers and school administrators are always looking for new teaching tools for classroom learning that hold the interest of students and encourage them to excel.  As an educator for over 30 year, I have always found that children and teenagers respond best when they are able to associate an image with a concept. Whenever possible, I use three-dimensional teaching tools that take students out of the textbook and into the world around them.  International flags are an excellent way to illustrate the lessons of history, geography, world affairs and current events. 

Most social studies teachers make sure their students are familiar with important flags of North America, but international flags are less common.  One way to get students interested in learning about international flags is by showing them the flag statistics compiled by the faculty at UC Irving in their “flag database”.  

According to the database, the top four colors used in flags of the world are red, blue, green and white, with the most popular color being red (36%).  The United States is not the only country whose flag is red, white and blue, either.  This color scheme is shared by 39 countries in the world, and an additional 27 countries include red, white and blue with other colors.  Interestingly, the two main colors for flags of Christian nations are red and blue.  These are just a few of the many flag statistics for international flags.   

Educators who are interested in purchasing a set of international flags for their classroom can do so very affordably by visiting, the web site for the Advertising Flag Company.  Miniature flags of U.N. member nations come in a set of 192 small flags, mounted on black staffs and has gild spear tips.  International flags can also be purchased separately in a wide range of sizes, from 4” x 6” to 5’x8’.  For the best selection of high quality international flags for the classroom, visit

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