Kick Off a Promotion with Custom Banners and Flags

custom flags and bannersIt may still be summer, but the Back to School season is already upon us.  It won’t be long before people come home from vacation to find a mailbox full of “sale” ads and an inbox full of email promotions.  But what really grabs people when they are out looking for bargains?  Custom banners and flags, of course! The average consumer is inundated with messages on television, in newspapers and on their favorite web sites, but few advertising vehicles are more effective than a colorful sale banner in a store window. 

How are retailers using custom banners and flags to kick of fall promotions?

Every store owner has his or her “tricks” when it comes to marketing, or sneaky ways to get customers in the door.  It may be a series of colorful “Sale” flags along the side of the road, or it could be something as silly as a costumed character wearing a sandwich board.  For retailers looking to make an impact this season, the best ideas are usually a combination of traditional advertising and in-store promotion.  For example, a car dealer who is running an End of Summer Clearance may place a full page ad in the newspaper, but they will also decorate the dealership to make it look like a party is going on inside.  Custom banners and flags are often created to capture the attention of drivers stuck at a nearby traffic light. 

When they are done right, custom flags give consumers a reason to stop in and learn more.  For example, a furniture store may use custom banners and flags leading up to the store that say “No Payments, No Interest Until 2013”.  A new bank may hang banners that say “Free $50 Deposit with All New Accounts”.  It’s funny how we can drive by the same retailer every day and never darken their door, but suddenly we see something that stops us in our tracks.  That’s why the offer is so important in determining the level of response.  A simple “Back to School Sale” banner many not be as effective as “Free Backpack with $50 Purchase”.

For the Back to School season, the message you send out in your outdoor advertising campaign should be designed to bring new customers in the door.  A colorful campaign that utilizes custom banners and flags is a cost-effective way to generate sales from the traffic that passes your store every day.

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