NFL and College Fans – Time to Buy Football Banners

football bannersIf you want to see a group of spirited fans at a game, then there is no better place to go than an NFL football game, particularly in some of the major Northeast cities like Philadelphia and Boston.  But you don’t have to paint your face in team colors to show true team spirit.  You can simply go online and find football banners to buy.  As the cameras scan the audience during the game – and you know they always do – it’s interesting to note that they look for fans displaying a football flag or football banners.  These are not just the rudimentary homemade signs that kids make; they are the real fabric flags with screen printed logos or embroidered lettering. 

NFL football banners may look like a simple thing to buy, but the truth is they can be difficult to find.  Many retailers stick to t-shirts, hats and sweats to help customers show their team spirit.  Banners are something a little bit different.   They are more difficult to display and often too pricey for most customers to buy on impulse. 

Sporting good stores may encourage you to buy football banners from them and simply wait for their next order to arrive.  They will even tell you that they offer the best prices on football banners to buy.  But if you start doing some online research, it’s easy to see how many distributors sell football flags for less.  There is never a good reason to shop at a sporting goods store for something as specialized as a football flag.  They rarely have enough space in their inventory to sell every major team’s flag, and they rarely offer every size.

On the other hand, shopping online to buy football banners will yield a number of reasonable offers.  The downside is you won’t be able to see the flag up close before ordering and may not realize how big or how small it really is.  Some flag manufacturers specialize in smaller flags for cars, while others focus on large and extra-large banners.  It helps to look at the web site and compare prices between one Flag Company and another.

For football banners, sites like have devoted their entire existence to the online shopper.  An online shopper is more likely to buy in bulk and know exactly what they need.  Buy football banners today at

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