United States Flag Store Says Americans Should Learn Flag Etiquette

united states flag storeWhen you visit a United States flag store, like the one at FlagPro.com, it’s easy to just pick out the flags you want and be on your way. But according to this popular flag manufacturer, Americans need to spend time reading the U.S. Flag Code.  While this may not be the most interesting reading, it’s easy to pick up on the various rules of etiquette without reading the entire codebook. 

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Collecting Baseball Flags and Pennants – A Great Hobby for Young Fans

baseball flags and pennantsIf someone in your family is a huge fan of major league baseball, then it may be time to start them on a new hobby.  Baseball fans are known for their love of memorabilia, and they particularly enjoy collecting baseball flags and pennants.  Some of the rarest pennants they collect are only available on eBay and other auction sites, and can be fairly expensive, but there are plenty of affordable baseball flags and pennants available online.

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Flag-Flying Season is here – Time to Buy American Flags for Sale Online

american flags for sale onlineWell, we’re already past our first official flag-flying holiday of the year, Memorial Day, and it won’t be long before the flags are flying again on Independence Day.  If you were caught off guard and unable to buy American flags for sale online this yet this year, then there are still some options.  One of them is the website, FlagPro.com, the online store for the Advertising Flag Company.  Here, you will find dozens of different American flags, flag hardware and flag poles, plus several other types of flags for decoration and promotion.

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A New Hobby for Flag Collectors and Historians – Collecting City Flags of the USA

city flags of the usaLearning about our national heritage is an exciting pursuit for history buffs, and for collectors there is plenty of national memorabilia to keep it interesting. But if you are filled with civic pride or have a special place in your heart for the city of your birth, then there is another way to indulge your love of history.  Why not start collecting city flags of the USA?

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Flag Collectors Shopping for Historical American Flags for Sale Find Great Selection Online

historical american flags for saleIf you consider yourself an American history buff, then you may take great pride in your knowledge of America’s rich and storied past, and this may even extend to the way you decorate your home or place of business.  History buffs are usually the best customers of any store that has historical American flags for sale, and FlagPro.com is no exception.  Even though they sell a fair amount of advertising flags, sports banners and custom flags for a variety of industries, the fact that they have a spectacular selection of historical American flags for sale is what makes FlagPro a favorite web site among vexillologists, or flag collectors. 

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How Car Dealerships Use Promotional Flags and Banners to Win Customers

promotional flags and bannersWhat is the best way to move new or used cars off of the lot?  According to car and truck dealerships across the country, promotional flags and banners play a more important role than you would think.  Whether your dealership is located in a rural area or on a busy street with several other auto dealers, you want to catch people’s eye when they drive by, and there is no better way to do this than colorful flags waving in the wind. 

The philosophy behind this is simple.  Promotional flags and banners are never static; they are always moving a little bit in the breeze.  Drivers can tune out a lot of the background while they’re driving, including buildings and billboards, but they tend to notice anything that is moving.  Even if a promotional banner just causes a driver to glance in the direction of a car lot, chances are there will be something of interest to keep their attention. 

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Visit a USA Flag Store – Memorial Day is Just around the Corner

usa flag storeIt is always hard to believe how quickly the seasons fly by, but in just one month we will all be celebrating Memorial Day.  Perhaps this is the year you promised yourself you would find a USA flag store and hand a fresh new star-spangled banner at your first backyard barbecue.  If there is ever a day for flying the American flag, it is on Memorial Day.  As the unofficial start of summer, it is this three-day weekend that begins the swim club season, the beach house rental season, and the popular backyard barbecue. 

But there is an even better reason than this to visit a USA flag store within the next few weeks.  Memorial Day is a day when Americans recognize the sacrifices made by thousands of veterans from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.  It is a day when we remember our fallen soldiers from every town across the country, in ceremonies both small and large.  On Memorial Day, families take the time to fly the flag properly, in a way that respects the solemn origins of this national holiday. 

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International Flag Store Welcomes Vexillologists!

international flag storeIf you’ve ever been a collector of any kind, even as a child, then you may be able to relate to vexillology, the study of flags and flag design.  Flag collectors often refer to themselves as vexillologists, which is often nothing more than a fancy name for a flag collector, the people who keep an international flag store in business.  Similar to philatelists like to show off their collections of stamps and petrologists often build elaborate displays to showcase their rock collections, vexillologists spend a lot of time building their collection of flags from around the world. 

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Flags of the World for Sale – Decorate with International Flags

flags of the world for saleAs the weather warms up and we reach the halfway point between spring and summer, thoughts turn to backyard barbecues and outdoor events.  Avid boaters start to prepare their vessels for another summer on the water, and event planners kick into high gear with upcoming summer outings.  So what does all this activity have to do with flags?  It depends on your decorating style, or the type of event you’re planning, but this is the time of year that flag manufacturers start to promote their Flags of the World for sale.  Whether it is a community association sprucing up the flags that line a main thoroughfare, or a sports arena looking to jazz up their pedestrian walkways, it seems like spring is the time to decorate with international flags. 

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Why Every Fan Needs a Collection of Sports Flags and Banners

sports flags and bannersIf you are the kind of person who doesn’t go anywhere without at least one sports team’s logo emblazoned on your shirt, jacket, coffee mug or car, you may also be a collector of sports flags and banners.  Sports flags and banners, especially from college teams, are among the most popular ways to support your favorite local team or alma mater.  But until now, it was difficult to find a good selection of high quality sports flags.   

Surprisingly, the best team sports flags and banners are not sold in sporting goods stores or at the game; they are made by professional flag manufacturers and purchased online.  The same thing is true with college flags.  Instead of paying top dollar at a sporting event or college bookstore, it is possible to find a variety of officially licensed college banners and pennants in the school’s official colors, made from durable indoor/outdoor fabric.   

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Now is the Time to Order Promotional Banners and Flags for Your Summer Event

promotional banners and flagsPromotional flags and banners are an excellent way to promote your business, especially when your business is hosting an event in a public place.  It used to be that most companies would have a few different size banners that could be draped behind their table at a community event, or hung behind the stands at a game, but promotional banners and flags look much different now. 

Advanced printing technologies and online ordering capabilities have allowed marketing directors to get a bit more creative with their choice of printed promotional flags.  Whether for a single special event or as permanent outdoor advertising, a larger printed area allows for a more meaningful message to be reproduced.  But the best part about the promotional banners and flags available today is how easy they are to use.  No more cumbersome hardware and outrageous costs for shipping flags to a trade show.  Today’s banners are lightweight, flexible and highly portable. 

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Yes, You Can Get Top Quality Custom Flags Online

custom flags onlineRemember the days when we all did business either in-person or via snail mail?  Believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago when customers who wanted a to buy a custom advertising flag would need to meet with a local flag shop or send their order through the mail and hope for the best.  Now, even the most established flag companies are selling custom flags online.  It doesn’t take much technical expertise to use an online form and upload log files from your computer, knowing that a trained flag maker is there to answer your questions. 

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Advertising Flags and Banners Can Give Your Company the Edge

advertising flags and bannersIt seems like every article about marketing these days is focused on how to get visibility online, as if everyone sat behind a computer 24 hours a day, but marketers need to take a step back and look at the larger picture.  Have you considered the impact that advertising flags and banners might have on your bottom line?

Your business may not cater to an Internet savvy audience, or you may need to reach your audience while they are on the move.  A broader approach to branding and visibility may be necessary to give your company an edge over the competition, and custom advertising flags and banners help you accomplish this.  But like everything else you attempt to do in marketing your company, you will need to start with a strategy.

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College Team Flags and Banners for Sale at Online Flag Store

college team flags and banners for saleAre you a college student looking for the best way to show your team spirit?  Perhaps you’re the parent of a student who plays for a major college team.  Whatever your reason for supporting your favorite college athletes, there are several ways to show the world which team you love best.  But if you want something a little different than “just another team jersey”, maybe it’s time to look for college team flags and banners for sale

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Calculating the ROI for Custom Advertising Flags and Banners

custom advertising flags and bannersAs someone who counts himself among the few remaining “traditional marketers” who still believes in the power of branding, I am amazed at how many retail businesses have abandoned their outdoor advertising budgets.  And I’m not just talking about billboards.  There was a time when every retailer who wanted to increase store traffic would invest in a few custom advertising flags and banners, but sadly many have deleted this line item from their budget and replaced it with online display banners ads. 

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