Pick One of These Six Fabrics for Your American Flag – And Don’t Forget the Pole!

american flag + poleBuying a new American flag used to be much simpler.  Back in the days before the Internet, a new homeowner might go out and buy and American flag and a flag pole just before the Fourth of July.  That may still be possible today, but there are many additional considerations that might complicate the decision, especially if you research your purchase online.  Ultimately, flag manufacturers aim to offer more variety and better products than ever before.  This is great news for smart shoppers who want a durable flag that will last for many years.

Below is a brief overview of the various American flags that are now available at FlagPro.com, the online home of the Advertising Flag Company.

  • Polyester American flags are made with two-ply spun-woven polyester and are specifically designed for high wind areas.  An open weave reduces stress on the fabric, allowing these flags to last longer.  A better dye and colorization process means these flags won’t fade easily either.  These long-lasting flags are ideal for flag poles where a flag is flying 24/7.
  • Signature Series American Flags are made from the finest materials and designed to meet the standards of discriminating customers.  They come in extra-large sizes with ultra-bright stars that sparkle in the sunlight.  Plus they are made with a glossy polished thread. Lock-stitch construction and colorfast dyes keep them flying longer and looking better than any other flag on the market.
  • Millennium flags use a revolutionary new coloration process that is often made with SolarMax flag nylon from DuPont.  If keeping your flags the right color is important, these colorfast flags are guaranteed for one full year to remain the same shade of red and blue or they will be replaced for free.
  • Similarly, the Hercules Polyester American flag is ideal for extreme weather climates.  Warp-knit fabrics and brass grommets keep the flag from unraveling, even after long exposure to the sun and wind.  Customers report a 30 to 50% longer life with these flags, even in high wind conditions.
  • Cotton “Bulldog” flags use a special extra-strength cotton weave that resists damage from the elements.  Featuring a woven and authentic look, each of these flags uses sewn in stripes and embroidered stars.
  • Nyl-Brite Nylon American flags are created with SolarMax nylon and make the perfect choice for the homeowner, whether he or she is an avid “flag flyer” or not.

Next time you shop for a new flag or new flag pole, shop the impressive American flag collection at FlagPro.com.

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