Promotional Banners and Flags – An Easy Option for Outdoor Trade Shows

promotional banners and flagsHas your company charged you with the procurement of promotional banners and flags for an upcoming trade show?  This may not sound like a particularly difficult task, but it can be a lot more time consuming than you think; especially with all the choices available today.  It used to be that one would need to search through bulky catalogs and wait several weeks for their order to be filled.  While online flag sites have made it much easier to order, it’s hard to get that personalized attention that you need. 

When you’re planning on outdoor trade show, whether it’s a neighborhood event or a large-scale expo, there may not be the same systems in place to do a multimedia presentation of your company.   As a result, most participants attempt to bring low-tech decorations for their booth space. Hence the decision to use promotional banners and flags.  If you have a picture in your mind of a rectangular flag that hangs over the edge of your table, then remember that is only a small portion of what is available. 

Some of the more contemporary choices used by corporate event planners today include brightly colored pole flags, custom flags designed to reflect a corporate logo, and specialty banners designed specifically for outdoor events.  Your company’s budget will determine a lot of the decisions you make in this area, but it will not be the only consideration; you will also want your booth to stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some tips in choosing promotional banners and flags for your outdoor event:

  • Make sure the flags you choose are printed with waterproof inks on durable materials that will stand up to wind and rain.
  • Choose the type of flags based on the amount of floor space you will be given for the show, keeping in mind the width of the aisles and any “teaser” space available near the entryway.
  • If you will be giving away an item or promoting a specific product at the event, consider having your promotional banners and flags made to reflect this.
  • Ask for photographs from last year’s event, if available, and build your booth design around that. 
  • Be sure to order your promotional banners and flag early enough to get them shipped well in advance.  This will give you enough time to correct any errors and have the final banners in time for the show.

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