Promotional Banners And Flags – Are They More Effective than Digital Banners?

promotional banners and flagsIf you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you are already familiar with digital banners; those annoying square or rectangular ads that show up on the right side of your screen.  While many of these banners are targeted directly to you, based on your Internet search habits, very few people actually click on them. Conversely, the promotional banners and flags we see while we’re out driving around are usually noticed.  Because they are unique and three dimensional, they rarely become part of the scenery.

Today’s marketers find it difficult to stand out on the Internet unless they’re promoting a product that is in very high demand, completely unique, or hard to find elsewhere.   If your business is seeking out new customers, you might want to take a break from the two-dimensional screen and give promotional flags and banners a second look.  While it may seem a bit old fashioned to buy real fabric or vinyl flags pennants and banners these days, many small businesses swear by this type of advertising to drive foot traffic into their stores.

Regardless of the type of business you run; store owners and marketing directors have been trying to attract customers into their place of business through advertising for hundreds of years.  While it may be the first line item that gets cut in a tough economy, advertising is the fuel that keeps the flames of capitalism burning.  It will always be necessary if you want your business to be relevant and top-of-mind.  But with budgets shrinking and so many advertising vehicles available, how can your business stand out?  Sometimes, the answer is something much simpler than you might have expected.  Promotional banners and flags can be custom-made to your specifications, whether it is the shape, size, color or fabric of the flag. In case you were picturing a bland looking rectangular flag, it is time to think “out of the box.”

Promotional banners and flags are one of the oldest forms of advertising.  If your store is near a busy road or intersection or in a shopping center that gets plenty of traffic, then advertising pennants and banners should be a major element of your marketing plan. Instead of trying to find a local flag store or sign painter to make the banners for you, why not shop online and have a professional flag company make custom advertising pennants and banners to meet your specifications?

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