Promotional Flags Can Help Your Business Promote New Products

promotional flagsIs it time to start thinking of ways to generate business for the holidays?  Perhaps your store has a lot of new products or you just started carrying the Apple iPhone 4S.  Whatever your reason for needing promotional flags, they are always an economical way to get a message out quickly.  If your store is located in a busy retail area, there may be restrictions about the size or number of promotional flags that can be positioned outside of your store.  If this is the case, then make sure you find out ahead of time and work within these parameters.  A flag manufacturer like the Advertising Flag Company can make customized promotional flags that meet your specifications.

Not all flags need to contain a message.  Some car dealerships routinely use flags to promote a special clearance sale, and while there are some large signs in the window announcing the sale, they use a long string of small triangular flags around the car lot as an attention-getting device.  Whenever you can use a colorful flag of streamer style flags in an outdoor setting, it works well to generate interest.  Just the visual effect of small flags moving in the breeze is enough to draw a customer’s eye to your store or car lot.

Another way to use promotional flags is to promote an outdoor sidewalk sale or special event.  When a new bank branch opens up, they will often hold a Family Fun Day out in the parking lot, with free hot dogs, clowns and a moon bounce. Large flags can be used to promote a one-day event so passersby are aware of it from several blocks away.  When used on the premises, the flags and banners might contain the bank’s logo only, but they do a lot to create a festive atmosphere.

If your retail location needs a boost during the holiday season, or you simply want to set yourself apart from the competition, the best way to do this is with economical and colorful promotional flags.  The best part about using flags for your seasonal promotions is that they can be used again next year when you run the same event.  Promotional flags are a lot less expensive than buying a series of print, digital or broadcast ads, and they generate an immediate response.  When people are already out and about, it is a lot easier to get them to respond to your Holiday Sale or Clearance Sale.

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