Promotional Flags for Outdoor Use – Think of them as Mobile Billboards

promotional flags outdoor useIf you’ve ever priced out an outdoor advertising campaign, you know how expensive it can be, and because it lacks “measurability,” you never know if it really worked.  That’s why so many retailers are moving away from static billboards in favor of “mobile billboards,” or promotional flags for outdoor use.  Promotional flags are certainly nothing new; in fact, they are one of the oldest forms of consumer advertising.  But when ad budgets are tight, they remain one of the more effective methods of bringing customers in the door.

Do you need promotional flags for outdoor use that will inspire people to park their car and come into your store?  Are you competing with large retail chains with seemingly endless advertising budgets?  Promotional flags allow you to get creative and react immediately to changing trends in the marketplace.  For example, when the iPhone 4S was introduced last month, local cell phone stores used freestanding promotional flags, designed for outdoor use, to let local residents know “this is the place to get your new iPhone.”  The large printed area of these flags allows for customization by the retailer, including pricing incentives, limited time offers and brand logos.  They are durable and weatherproof, and colorful to attract pedestrians and drivers into the store.

It may be tempting this time of year to use up a good portion of your annual advertising budget on print or digital advertising methods, but these can easily get lost in the shuffle of media messages.  When people are already “out and about,” they are more likely to be drawn into a retail establishment for a special promotion.  Retailers who rely on outdoor advertising see a noticeable “bump” in sales right away when they display promotional flags on their property.  But they will also be judicious about how they use these flags.  Keeping them out all year round is never a good idea, they say, because customers eventually stop seeing them.  It is far better to order promotional flags for outdoor use and display them for a few weeks at a time.  This way, they accomplish the goal of creating excitement around a special sales event.

Promotional flags for outdoor use can be ordered online and delivered directly to your store with the help of custom flag manufacturer.  The Advertising Flag Company allows retailers to place online orders on their website,

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