Fun Facts about the American Flag

More than likely, the American flag is the most recognizable flag on the planet.  Even when it is lined up with hundreds of other flags, it’s hard to miss those stars and stripes flying in the wind, and it is doubtful it would ever be mistaken for the flag of another country.

Most Americans pride themselves on their knowledge of the American flag’s history, such as the number of stars representing the number of states, and the number of stripes the number of original colonies.  But there are many little-known “American Flag facts” that few people know about.

  • Did you know that the flag should only displayed until dark, and that it should be taken down at dusk?  If you have ever been a Boy Scout, this might not be news to you.  But many people don’t know that a flag can be displayed around the clock as long as it is well-lit.  However, the flag should always be taken down in foul weather.
  • If a flag is ever flown upside down, it spells danger.  The only time this should be done is when you are in need of immediate assistance.  Other countries interpret an upside-down flag as being at war.
  • When a flag can no longer be used, and it cannot be repaired, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, such as burning.  However, it is acceptable to dry clean or wash a flag that is dirty.
  • Any individual can have a flag draped over their coffin, even if they are not a veteran.
  • Only the President and State Governors are allowed to order government buildings to fly their flags at half staff.

If you are planning to fly an American flag this Memorial Day and beyond, it might help to consult the U.S. Flag Code to be sure you don’t break any rules.  You can purchase an American flag at the online store.