The American Flag – “Long May She Wave”

American flag - long may she waveIn the United States, there is no symbol that inspires patriotism more than the American Flag.  Author Kit Hinrichs has put together a fantastic collection of flag memorabilia, a passion she has pursued over the past forty years.

In her book, she shows how many different “official” flags we have had throughout this country’ history – 27 in all!  But that number pales in comparison to the thousands of “unofficial” American flags.  Studying the evolution of the flag proves just how much the American spirit has evolved over the past 234 years.

Ever since the Continental Congress established that the flag of the United States must have 13 stripes, alternating in red and white; and that the Union be a blue field representing a new constellation with 13 stars, it is amazing how many different interpretations of the flag have been created.

Hinrichs’ book shows everything from the original 13-star flag to the 36-star flag that flew after the Civil War, Rodger’s Battle flag and the infamous “Whipple Flag” from 1912. She relates each of these flags to an important milestone in American history, and tells a story of how each one moved us closer to the modern American flag.

If you have a passion for history and an appreciation for patriotic memorabilia, “Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag” might be the book for you.  It traces the history of the Stars and Stripes through its endless permutations in a series of 500 full-color illustrations, including flag-inspired artwork, Americana craft items, Christmas ornaments, belt buckles and more – all from Kit Henrich’s personal collection.  Gerard Wertkin, director of the Museum of American Folk Art, provides historical context in the book’s introduction.  See all of our American Flags, click here.

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