The American Flag Deserves an Oscar Nomination

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American Flag in Movies

Did you know that our American Flag “Old Glory” has been a major player in many movies?  American history lovers and movie trivia buffs are often amazed at how often the American flag makes a cameo appearance in popular films.  Who knows, maybe it will one day have its own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

The U.S flag has been no stranger to the movies, with some of its most familiar appearances being in Patton and Flags of our Fathers.  But it has served as far more than a patriotic backdrop for war epics; our own Star Spangled Banner has also played some unusual cameo roles. 

  • In the movie Rocketeer, Cliff Secord sets off a wave of Rocketeer-powered flag burning.
  • In Rocky, Sylvester Stallone loves the American flag so much, he wears it in the form of “stars and stripes” boxing trunks.
  • Easy Rider wins the award for the “most motorized” version of patriotism.  As Captain America, Peter Fonda wears a fair share of flag memorabilia, but he didn’t stop there.  The gas tank of his bike is also painted up in red, white and blue.
  • An American flag parachute lands Vin Diesel into a fast-moving speedboat in xXx, in a rush to save the world from “bad guys”.
  • In Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, a patriotic love affair with the American flag catapults Superman to the moon, where he fights Nuclear Man for the right to display Old Glory on a straight flagpole.  In a display of overt patriotism, Superman loses the fight when he turns around to pick up the flag from the dust.

Who knows how many people ran out and bought a new American flag from their nearest American flag shop after watching these movies, but one thing is certain; these movies are evidence that our obsession with Old Glory runs deep.

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