The American Flag Trivia Quiz – Part Two

Last week on this blog, we introduced an American flag trivia quiz – just in time for the Fourth of July.  Since then, many flag historians have sent me their own trivia questions, so we decided to do another trivia piece on the American flag.  This one is a multiple choice quiz.  Why not test your knowledge of Old Glory and see if you can impress your friends and family on Independence Day?

In case you get stumped, the answers are at the bottom of the quiz.

1)      In the song “It’s a Grand Ol’ Flag”, by George M. Cohen, what is beneath the American flag?

a)      no bragging

b)      hearts beating truth

c)       no boasting

d)      all of these

2)      The U.S. Flag Code expressly stipulates how the US flag is to be disposed of (and in what manner) when it wears out.  It should be:

a)      burnt

b)      ripped, stripe by stripe and then buried in the ground

c)       folded ceremoniously and stored in a special box

d)      given to the US Navy for burial at sea

3)      Which two astronauts put the flag on the moon for the first time?

a)      Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong

b)      Neil Armstrong and Scott Altman

c)       Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

d)      James Irwin and Buzz Aldrin

4)      In 1831, Captain William Driver was credited with a specific action regarding the American flag.  What was it?

a)      Flying it at half-mast during another sea captain’s funeral

b)      calling it “Old Glory”

c)       Saving it from sinking in the ocean

d)      Keep it flying during a horrible storm at sea; never touching the ground


1)       d) all of these

2)      a) Burnt, usually by a VFW or Boy Scout troop

3)      c) Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in 1969

4)      b) Calling it Old Glory

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