University and College Flags Make Excellent Collectibles

college flags + universityHave you ever wondered why there are so many antiques and “collectibles” shops in every major city?  If you’re not prone to collecting, it’s hard to imagine why so many people tend to be collectors at heart.  But there is something very American about collecting memorabilia, and one of the more popular collections is college flags and university pennants.  Just stop into your local sports bar or family restaurant and you are bound to see a collection of pop culture memorabilia on the walls, which invariably includes at least a couple college flags.

No matter where you went to school; a major university or a small-town college, there is nothing quite like college school spirit.  Whether it’s the sports fans waving college banners at the big game, or a proud parent displaying college flags in a basement game room, there is a place for this kind of collecting in every family.

What makes college flags so special?

Let’s face it; college can be a life-changing experience.  It is usually the place where identities are refined and teenagers find out what it’s like to live away from home.  Lifelong friendships and memories are made here, and every detail of the experience is etched in the minds of alumni.  According to national flag manufacturers, people are more likely to seek out college flags and university pennants after they graduate than while they are still students.

What makes a university flag “collectible?”

While it is perfectly acceptable to collect the latest editions of your favorite college flags; where it gets really fun is when you start finding vintage editions at flea markets.  Most universities have had several different flag designs over the years, and they may have even changed their color scheme at some point.  If you can get your hands on some of the “retired” editions, the value of your collection will increase.  Perhaps you could find out from the college how many different versions of the flag were ever created, and then set out to find all of them.

Whenever a university sports team wins a major championship, they will celebratory print t-shirts for students and fans to wear.  Flags and pennants are also available with the championship details.  Finding a series of sports-related college flags may not be easy, but the university may be able to tell you where to look.

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