Visit a USA Flag Store – Memorial Day is Just around the Corner

usa flag storeIt is always hard to believe how quickly the seasons fly by, but in just one month we will all be celebrating Memorial Day.  Perhaps this is the year you promised yourself you would find a USA flag store and hand a fresh new star-spangled banner at your first backyard barbecue.  If there is ever a day for flying the American flag, it is on Memorial Day.  As the unofficial start of summer, it is this three-day weekend that begins the swim club season, the beach house rental season, and the popular backyard barbecue. 

But there is an even better reason than this to visit a USA flag store within the next few weeks.  Memorial Day is a day when Americans recognize the sacrifices made by thousands of veterans from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.  It is a day when we remember our fallen soldiers from every town across the country, in ceremonies both small and large.  On Memorial Day, families take the time to fly the flag properly, in a way that respects the solemn origins of this national holiday. 

Learn the US Flag Code before Memorial Day

Public officials and business owners are not the only ones who should adhere to the US flag code.  The rules in this part of the law were written for every American, and they should be followed out of respect for the United States flag.  A USA flag store, such as, can help you find the right flag-flying hardware and accessories to be sure your flag goes up and down the flagpole with ease.  Once you have tested it, you’re ready for the big day.

On Memorial Day, the American flag should be flown at half-staff from the time the sun comes up until noon.  In order to fly a flag at half-staff properly, it must be quickly raised to the top of the flag pole and then brought down to the halfway mark on the flag pole.  The symbolism behind this is to imply that the country is missing something or someone.  Many historians have interpreted this space as the invisible “flag of death”.  When raising and lowering a half-staff flag, one must raise it to the top first, which indicates the nation’s ability to overcome adversity and persevere through times of trial and great loss.

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