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flag store + usaAs you probably could guess, the flag of the USA is the most recognizable flag on the planet, and it is certainly the most popular one sold at this online flag store. There is something about the stars and stripes that conjure up so many images of American victories in battle, courageous soldiers, and an independent spirit that succeeds against all odds.  Even non-Americans have no trouble picking out the American flag in a lineup of international flags. That’s because unlike many other national banners, it doesn’t rely on a few blocks of color; the bold symbols of the USA are incorporated into its design.

Every once in awhile, we at FlagPro.com will try to test the flag knowledge of our valued customers.  We figure that as a USA flag store, it is our civic duty to ensure our customers have a working knowledge of US flag history.

Most Americans, particularly those who live near historic cities like Philadelphia and Boston, consider themselves experts on the history of the American flag.  Most can tell you that the stars represent the number of states and the stripes the number of original colonies.  But take it from this flag store; there are other less obvious facts to be learned about the flag of the USA.   Here is a sampling of some lesser known facts about the Stars and Stripes.

* If a flag is ever flown upside down, it spells danger.  Other countries wil interpret an upside-down flag as being at war. The only time this should be done is when you are in need of immediate assistance.

* When a flag is tattered and old, and can no longer be used, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, such as burning.

* Any individual can have a flag draped over their coffin, even if they are not a veteran.

* Did you know that the American flag shouldn’t be displayed after dark, or that it should be taken down at dusk?  If you have ever been to overnight camp, you will remember the daily flag raising and flag lowering ceremonies.  However, many people don’t realize that a flag can be displayed around the clock as long as it is well-lit.  It should always be lowered and removed in foul weather.

* Only the President and State Governors are allowed to order government buildings to fly their flags at half staff.

If you are planning to fly the flag or you are planning to buy one from our flag store as a holiday gift, it helps  to consult the USA Flag Code to be sure you are doing it right.  You can purchase a USA flag at the Flagpro.com online flag store.

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