Wholesale Advertising Flags – Why Smart Retailers Swear By Them

advertising flagsHave you ever driven down the road and noticed a business for the first time – just because they did something to change the exterior?  I am constantly noticing the presence of advertising flags in front of a business because they show up in my peripheral vision.  Even when I’m looking straight ahead, the motion of a colorful flag in front of a business is hard to miss.

Customized advertising flags and banners are available wholesale from FlagPro.com, the ecommerce storefront for the Advertising Flag Company.  As a manufacturer and purveyor of flags since 1936, this popular company is known for its high quality outdoor flags, made from the most durable materials.

Why buy customized advertising flags for your next promotion?

Advertising flags may not be the most “measurable media” in the world, but some retailers would disagree with that.  A tire retailer in my neighborhood says whenever he promotes his major sales event with custom banners and flags; he sees an immediate lift in sales.  “People can become accustomed to seeing a flag if it’s always there, so we’re careful to only display them when we have a big event,” said the retailer.  He also believes in unusually shaped flags that can be positioned close to a major traffic stop near his store.

Advertising flags are also much less expensive than any form of media advertising campaign, and they can be reused for years to come.  Many business owners believe in using flags and banners in conjunction with direct mail and email blasts.

How much customization is available in advertising flags?

The answer to this question will depend on the flag manufacturer you choose.  At FlagPro.com, the customer service team works closely with customers to determine the best way to display their message in a flag or banner.  From there, they offer many different ways to customize the flag using graphics, colors, fabrics and unique formats.

Looking to bring more people into our store for a major sale?  Customized outdoor advertising flags are the perfect solution!  According to many satisfied store owners, advertising like this is “where the rubber meets the road,” so to speak.  It lets them deliver a custom message to the consumer while they are in a position to respond to it immediately, and it generates a “buzz” about the business.


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