Why Your Fall Décor Should Include Outdoor Banners and Flags

outdoor flags and bannersWhether you’re a homeowner or a store owner, there is no better way to decorate the outside of your home or business than with outdoor banners and flags.  Even as the kids head back to school, signs of fall are not far behind.   Business owners may use this time to invite customers in for Back to School Sales or fall clearance offers, but it’s not uncommon for homeowners to rethink the outside of their homes. 

For the outdoor decorator, fall provides dozens of options.  From haystacks and scarecrows to pumpkins and mums, there is no shortage of colorful décor for the outside of the home.  Outdoor banners and flags are a great way to tie it all together and make a “theme” for outdoor arrangements.  Some outdoor flags simply show falling leaves or a cornucopia, while others say “Happy Halloween” or “Give Thanks”.  Most homeowners would agree that this is their favorite time of year to decorate.  Even the Christmas holidays are often celebrated with outdoor banners.  Flags with Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph are popular, as are nativity flags and “Merry Christmas” banners.  Even homeowners who skip outdoor lights will have no problem posting a small holiday flag near the front porch.  These colorful banners make it easy to decorate on a budget.

On the other hand, business owners may look at outdoor flags and banners as a way to generate additional foot traffic to their stores.  Rather than spending a lot of time with lighting the outside of a store, colorful holiday flags invite customers in for specific events.  Using the online order form at sites like FlagPro.com, it’s easy to customize flags and banners for specific sales, and then use them again and again for years to come.  Some retailers find that bold and colorful outdoor banners and flags are more effective than any other form of advertising, especially if their store is located in a high traffic area. 

The effect of a flag is about more than just its design, or even the wording printed on it.  They capture the attention of passersby because they wave in the breeze.  Even drivers who no longer notice their familiar surroundings may be attracted by the movement of a flag.  When surveyed, many shoppers will say that it was a window sign or outdoor banner that actually drew them into the store.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt when that flag says something enticing, like “50% Off Entire Stock!”

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