Advertising Banners – The Perfect Way to Promote an Outdoor Event

advertising bannersNow that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, retail marketing directors are looking for new ways to reach their target audience.  Gone are the days when a retailer could place a full-page ad in the newspaper and generate a spectacular response.  Today’s media buyers need to diversify and look for innovative ways to reach consumers who are on the move.  Advertising banners are the ideal way to do this any time of the year, but they work even better during warm weather months.

Townships who are promoting an outdoor festival or a special event can use advertising banners to promote the event within the neighborhood.  Everyone who passes through a busy street will find out about the special event and take note of the date and time.  This approach usually works best when it is paired with other types of advertising, such as email blasts or a newspaper display ad.

Are you considering your options for driving business to your store this summer?  While this may seem like a time to promote your business with traditional media; the truth is that consumers are less engaged during the summer months.  People are going on vacations, taking their kids to summer camp or working on household projects.  It has been widely reported that the average person spends less time per week with electronic and print media during the summer months; so how do you get their attention and bring them into your store?  Advertising banners are an inexpensive yet highly effective tool for driving traffic into your doors.

How can advertising banners be used as part of a creative ad strategy?  Experienced marketers know the most effective ad campaigns have a recognizable “look” that runs through their print ads, digital display ads and outdoor advertising.  The benefit of this is that the store develops a visual look that becomes highly recognizable.  One ad might feed off of another to create a “buzz” about the event.

Media planners who are wracking their brains trying to think of the “next big promotional strategy” are happy to find a new way to reach consumers.  Advertising banners, when purchased from a reputable custom flag manufacturer, are designed to last for many years to come.  Get some ideas about how to promote your next big event.  Visit today and find out which flags work best for your company.

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