Advertising Flags and Banners – The Latest Trend in Outdoor Advertising

advertising flags and bannersIf you’re like most business owners, then you are probably working with a reduced ad budget these days.  Unfortunately marketing and adverting budgets are among the first to get cut in tough times and they are one of the last to be reinstated in a recovery.  As a result, marketing managers are getting creative with advertising flags and banners.  But don’t think this means they’re ordering customized rectangular flags or banners to hang in store windows.  The kind of advertising flags being purchased today are more likely to be customized.  Promotional companies may say they can offer high quality custom flags, but there is nothing like working with a flag manufacturer. is the online storefront for the Advertising Flag Company, a well-known manufacturer and purveyor of flags and banners since 1936.  Now, instead of using an outdated flag catalog to place an order, marketing directors can use an interactive order form to provide details for their purchase.  Advertising flags and banners are quickly becoming a trend once again, and they are working well to bring traffic in the door.

Depending on the location of your store, you may be able to buy advertising flags and banners that are visible from the road.  Others may be displayed on the perimeter of your retail property or near the storefront itself.  The beauty of these “billowing billboards” is how easily they can be moved around on the property to create a different effect.  Advertising flags were one of earliest forms of advertising, even preceding the common billboard.   Colorful yet simple enough to be read from the road, they are the perfect way to publicize special events in real time.

The best way to order advertising flags and banners is by shopping on the Internet.  Most local sign companies are not equipped to make customized flags, nor can they turn around a special order in a short period of time.  For retailers who need to move quickly without sacrificing quality, it makes sense to deal directly with a flag manufacturer.  The best place to find top quality advertising flags and banners is at  They will take your order on their interactive order form or over the phone and help you customize a format that works best for your business. When you think of advertising flags and banners, consider their versatility as mobile billboards and how well they work to bring immediate results.

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