College Team Flags – A Great Gift Idea for Students

college team flagsHaving a hard time thinking of a great gift idea for your favorite college student?  To come up with the best gifts for students, you may need to “think like a college student”, (and no, that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy them a case of beer!)  College team flags are a much better – and healthier – idea.  In fact, anything with their school’s logo on it will go over well with students. Chances are they already have a sweatshirt and some basic dorm room décor, but they probably don’t have a college team flag

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Don’t Give Up the Guidon: A Short History of Civil War Flags

Learning about the stories behind various Civil War flags is a favorite pastime for American history buffs, especially collectors of union and confederate flags. 

One type of flag that is common to most collections from the Civil War era is a cavalry guidon.  People who haven’t served in the military may be unfamiliar with this French-sounding term.  To clarify, a guidon is a military standard carried by companies or platoons to signify their unity designation and corps affiliation, such as Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.  Most military guidons are rectangular in shape, but they often have a triangular shape that can be removed, which would make the flag “swallow-tailed”. 

During the Civil War, just like today, the guidon flag was flown with a great sense of pride.  To this day, several military traditions revolve around this flag.  For example, if the service member carrying the guidon should drop it, he must fall with it and perform a set or two of push-ups as punishment. It is also considered an honor to carry the guidon flag, so it is taken quite seriously in drills and ceremonies. 

Because the Civil War guidons were taken even more seriously than any of ours, other units would often try to steal the guidon as a way to antagonize or demoralize the soldiers. But any veteran soldier will tell you never to give up the guidon unless absolutely necessary.

Collectors of confederate flags and other Civil War flags will enjoy the complete selection of all types of battle flags and more just by searching on the FLAGPRO Online Catalog. 

Starting a collection of Civil War flags is a great way to track the various battles and important events of this era of national turmoil.  Many history buffs and Civil War historians collect small framed flags from a variety of sources, but the number of authentic flags is very limited. 

Replica flags are a much more affordable way to complete a collection, and can be used during reenactments.  Shopping at a U.S. flag store for replicas is a great way to fill gaps in a Civil War flag collection.  The Advertising Flag Company has been making and selling a wide variety of flags since 1936, and their FLAGPRO® Flag Store offers a huge selection of affordable flags, banners, flagpoles and accessories.

An Overview of Union Flags from the Civil War

Serious collectors of Civil War era flags are usually very specific about American history, and look for certain types of flags to complete their collection.  Many will focus on either the Union or the Confederacy flags, but a Civil War historian often has a complete collection of both.  This article focuses on the Union flags from the Civil War era.

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A Brief History of American Civil War Flags

For anyone who is interested in American history, the Civil War is a subject of much fascination.  One can learn a lot about the American Civil War itself just by studying the many versions of the American flag that were used during the Civil War timeframe.

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The Confederate Flag: Civil War Emblem or Separatist Icon?

Flag of Confederacy

For Civil War buffs, the Confederate flag is a piece of U.S. history that symbolizes an important turning point in our nation’s history, but not everyone agrees that it should be displayed, primarily because of its symbolism.  That’s because the Confederate flag, also known as the Southern Cross, has been associated with racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis, as well as other separatist organizations.  As a result, it remains a highly controversial issue.  Continue reading “The Confederate Flag: Civil War Emblem or Separatist Icon?”

The American Flag Trivia Quiz – Part Two

Last week on this blog, we introduced an American flag trivia quiz – just in time for the Fourth of July.  Since then, many flag historians have sent me their own trivia questions, so we decided to do another trivia piece on the American flag.  This one is a multiple choice quiz.  Why not test your knowledge of Old Glory and see if you can impress your friends and family on Independence Day?

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Take the American Flag Trivia Quiz!

Surprisingly, most Americans are not all that knowledgeable about the history of the American flag.  Sure, we proudly fly the red, white and blue every Fourth of July, but most of us forget what makes our flag such a source of inspiration for citizens of this country and millions of people around the world.

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‘Tis the Season for Flying the American Flag

It’s hard to believe that Flag Day is just around the corner, and only three short weeks later it will be the Fourth of July.   In a longstanding tradition, many Americans will celebrate these patriotic holidays by proudly displaying the American flag.  The U.S. Flag Code dictates certain ways to fly (and not fly) the red, white and blue, so before you start decorating your home or business, follow these important rules. Continue reading “‘Tis the Season for Flying the American Flag”

The American Flag Deserves an Oscar Nomination

usa flag shop
American Flag in Movies

Did you know that our American Flag “Old Glory” has been a major player in many movies?  American history lovers and movie trivia buffs are often amazed at how often the American flag makes a cameo appearance in popular films.  Who knows, maybe it will one day have its own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

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Before you fly the American Flag on Memorial Day – Read This!

memorial day american flag
Memorial Day and USA Flag Code

When most people think about Memorial Day and the three-day weekend that surrounds it, they are reminded of barbecues, a day at the beach, or the day that the swim club opens for business.  But anyone who has served in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines is aware of a much deeper meaning.  Memorial Day is more than just a day to fly the American Flag from your front porch while firing up the grill in the backyard.  It is a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers, and many public ceremonies are held across the country, including the National Memorial Day remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Are You Ready to Display the American Flag on Memorial Day?

memorial day american flagFlying the American flag isn’t the only Memorial Day tradition to remember, but it is the most enduring.  Over recent decades, Memorial Day weekend has become known as the ‘unofficial start of summer” even though it falls on the last Monday in May.  It is the opening day for swim clubs, the day when it becomes acceptable to carry a white purse, and official deadline for buying a new swimsuit.  But Memorial Day got its start in 1866 as Decoration Day. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Display the American Flag on Memorial Day?”

The American Flag – “Long May She Wave”

American flag - long may she waveIn the United States, there is no symbol that inspires patriotism more than the American Flag.  Author Kit Hinrichs has put together a fantastic collection of flag memorabilia, a passion she has pursued over the past forty years.

In her book, she shows how many different “official” flags we have had throughout this country’ history – 27 in all!  But that number pales in comparison to the thousands of “unofficial” American flags.  Studying the evolution of the flag proves just how much the American spirit has evolved over the past 234 years. Continue reading “The American Flag – “Long May She Wave””

How did the American Flag earn its Stripes?

american flag, sons of liberty, grand union flagThe original flag of the Sons of Liberty was probably the first version of the American flag to bear red and white stripes. It was during their protest against tyranny that the decision was made to use stripes, and it was this design that the British soon referred to as “rebel stripes”.  Even though the flag has changed considerably since then, and the stripes are not there as signs of protest against the British Stamp Act, the symbolic stripes of liberty have lived on. Continue reading “How did the American Flag earn its Stripes?”

Raise the American Flag Proudly on Flag Day

Flag Day Parade Troy
Flag Day Parade Troy

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