Custom Flags and Banners Draw Customers Into a Store

custom banners and flagsOne of the most significant challenges to running a retail business is attracting new customers to the store.  With marketing budgets being cut, it is even more difficult to drive traffic in the door.  However, there are some things that successful retailers consistently do to reach their sales goals and stay in business.  Rather than spending a fortune on radio and newspaper advertising, they use custom banners and flags to draw customers in the door.

When I give this advice to small retailers, they usually question this logic, or they wonder if custom flags and banners can help them.  Every store is different, of course, and not every location lends itself to outdoor advertising. That said, there are dozens of creative ways to use flags and colorful banners that may surprise you.  When people drive by a store and catch sight of a promotional flag, announcing a “Buy One Get One Free” or “Blowout Clearance Sale,” they are either going to stop in right away or make a mental note to go back later.  Either way, they are planning to take an immediate action.  How often does a newspaper ad generate this kind of response?

Another thing to keep in mind is how much easier it is today to buy custom banners and flags.  It used to be that you would have to find a flag maker and order from their catalog; often waiting several weeks for the flags to arrive.  But today’s flag manufacturers offer much faster service than that.  Many of them allow customers to customize their orders online and receive custom banners and flags within a week.  This gives the retailer the flexibility to make last-minute plans around a specific sales event.  The process of ordering from a custom flags store online could be as simple as uploading your logo and some text.  Simply choose the colors and specs for the flag you want and hit the “Order Now” button.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If your marketing budget is shrinking and you’re not sure how you will meet next year’s sales goals, you can take control of the situation with custom banners and flags.  When you buy custom flags online they can be used year after year, or quickly reordered at a later date.

The Advertising Flag Company has been manufacturing high quality flags since 1936, and they now have an online store called  Think about some creative ways to use custom flags to make your business stand out from the crowd, and get ready to welcome new customers in the door!

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