FlagPro.com Releases Promotional Video on Website

As a retailer with a strong following on the Internet, FlagPro.com has become quite savvy with their use of technology. In addition to featuring their product lines on the website, www.FlagPro.com, they are now utilizing one of today’s most effective online technologies to speak directly to their customers.  Using video, ecommerce businesses can give potential customers more information without forcing them to read the “About” page, and that is just what the owner of the Advertising Flag Company has done in their recent promotional video.

Randy Smith may own a flag company, but he is also a marketing consultant who works with numerous organizations who want to use flags in their outdoor advertising.  When most people look for a flag manufacturer or visit a website like FlagPro.com, they are usually shopping for flags for their business or personal property. Whether it’s an American flag for their outdoor flag pole, a college football flag for a student dorm room, or a promotional flag for a sales event, FlagPro.com is the destination for these items and more.  But this video gives viewers another way of looking at flags and banners.

According to Mr. Smith, his company is one of the few flag manufacturers in the United States that still makes all of their flags in America.  They have also been in business since 1936.  Perhaps this explains why so many all-American institutions want to do business with them.  In addition to making flags for individuals and resellers, the Advertising Flag Company makes beautiful customized flags for major league baseball teams like the Chicago Cubs and Baltimore Orioles.  These large-scale outdoor flags are used to decorate the ball parks, and they are manufactured to the exact specifications of their clients.

Another high-profile customer of the Advertising Flag Company is the Field Museum of Natural History and the Art Institute of Chicago, two of the Windy City’s most visited tourist attractions.  In the video, an employee of the company is show making a custom silk-screen for a museum banner.  Other workers are shown attaching a grommet or sewing a custom flag, which is a true testament to the painstaking detail that each flag requires.  When customers purchase custom flags on their website, FlagPro.com, they can now get a closer look at the people behind the scenes.  This is the beauty of using short videos to promote an online business. Video adds a human element to an otherwise two-dimensional storefront, allowing customers to see the inside of the warehouse, the stacks of colorful flag fabrics, and the finished large-scale flags ready for delivery to a major league ballpark.

To get a behind-the-scenes look at the Advertising Flag Company, check out their video on the FlagPro.com blog.

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