Outdoor Banners and Flags Give Your Company an “Edge”

outdoor flags and bannersIt does seem like every article you read about marketing these days is focused on digital.  Even the largest advertising and marketing conferences have made their trade shows available to a “virtual” audience.  But what about good old-fashioned outdoor advertising, such as outdoor banners and flags?  Is it time for marketers to take a step back from their computers and look at the bigger picture?  There is something so immediate and action-oriented about a tangible sign that directs you into a business.  Outdoor banners and flags are an inexpensive yet effective way to set your business apart from the crowd and gain an edge over the competition.

Your retail business may not cater to a web-savvy audience, or maybe you recognize the importance of reaching customers while they are on the move.  A broader approach to branding and visibility may be necessary to give your company an edge over the competition, and outdoor banners and flags can help you accomplish this.  But like everything else you attempt to do in promoting your company, it begins with a strategy.

Before buying outdoor flags and banners for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

1)      Will the flags I buy remain in one place or will they be moved around to different locations, such as community events and trade shows?

2)      What type of graphics or wording will be used on each banner, and will they be need to be readable from a distance?  Will there be a “call to action” on the flags?

3)      What kind of additional equipment, such as flag poles or mounting hardware, will be needed to hang outdoor flags and banners at my business?  Can these be ordered from the flag manufacturer too?

4)      What are the primary colors needed for the flags?

5)      How can these outdoor banners and flags be used most effectively?

It goes without saying that there may be dozens of other questions to answer before you can pull together an effective outdoor advertising strategy, but keep in mind that the outdoor flags and banners you buy today may be used again and again.  For this reason, you should always include a few basic flags with just a logo or tag line for branding.

For the best selection of top quality outdoor banners and flags from the Advertising Flag Company, check out FLAGPRO.com.  A representative from FLAGPRO.com can help you create the right type of advertising flags and banners to promote your business.

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