Promote New Products and Services with Custom Flags and Banners

custom flags and banners 2Is it time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your marketing plans?  As a retailer, there is no doubt your store has a number of products and services that are worthy of promotion, but how do you get the word out without using up you marketing budget?  Well, there’s good news – custom flags and banners offer a creative yet economical way to get a message out to consumers quickly.  This is particularly true if your store is located in a busy retail area.  Before ordering custom outdoor flags and banners, be sure you know about any restrictions in the size or number of flags allowed outside of your store.

You may have seen other retailers use outdoor promotions to get a message out, and perhaps you’ve wondered how they did this.  A flag manufacturer, such as the Advertising Flag Company, can create custom flags and banners to match your exact specifications.  But there is no need to visit their production facility or fill out lengthy forms; most of their customers use their online ordering system by visiting

What are the benefits of using custom flags and banners for your advertising messages?

Outdoor promotional flags have a way of capturing the attention of passersby in a subliminal way.  Bright and beautiful flags can be posted on a grassy area in front of a store or at a nearby intersection to draw customers into a store. Whether they are used to promote a special sales event, a new product, new store hours or new management, the movement of flags in the breeze is a great way to generate interest.  Flags have a way of capturing attention, even from people who drive down your street every day and never even notice your store.

How to boost summer sales with custom flags and banners

Depending on the type of business you own, custom flags and banners can help you jumpstart summer sales quite easily.  For example, if you are opening a new location of a family-friendly business, why not hold a Family Fun Day event in the parking lot.  Promotional banners can be hung across the street and colorful flags posted throughout the neighborhood about this event.  Not only will they create a fun and festive atmosphere, even people who don’t stop by will become aware of the new location.

Summer sales are often sluggish in the retail business, but using custom flags and banners can help you reverse this trend.  Use them strategically throughout the season and you will always find a way to drive traffic into your store.

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