Why Buy Flags Made in America?

flags made in america + usaWell, it looks like spring is finally here and the homeowner’s focus has turned to the outdoors.  After removing all the dead leaves and mulching the flower beds, it’s time to dust off the barbecue grill and unfurl the flag for another season.  It may even be time for some new flags.  But are you sure your flags are made in America?  An alarming number of American flags are no longer “made in the USA,” and if there is one item where patriotism trumps price, it is the good old “Stars and Stripes.”

According to an article published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (July 29, 2011), the U.S. Senate unanimously voted that any American flags bought with U.S. tax dollars must be made entirely in America.  The bill, which was sponsored by Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) is important to national flag makers like the Advertising Flag Company (www.FlagPro.com) and many other U.S.-based flag manufacturers. In an effort to support flags made in America, the federal government will only buy flags from certified small enterprises based in the United States.

Until the flag measure officially becomes “law” only 50 percent of a flag’s components must be American-made for it to be purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars.  The bill would require this to be raised to 100 percent unless special circumstances exist, including a delay in necessary supplies.

As homeowners prepare for Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, many will set out to buy new flags this spring and summer.  While not bound by any laws regarding flags made in America, they may have their own convictions about buying USA-made American flags.  But that’s not the only reason to buy American.  Companies like the Advertising Flag Company (FlagPro.com) use top quality materials and weather resistant fabrics for their outdoor flags.  Since 1936, they have staked their reputation on providing only the highest quality products, including all the flag hardware needed for Americans to proudly display their patriotism.

It may not be possible to buy all American-made products or even to find out where everyday products are made, but buying flags made in America is something one can feel good about.  By shopping the selection of USA flags and accessories at FlagPro.com, homeowners and businesses will find competitive prices on flags in a variety of sizes and fabrics.  Rather than shopping in a brick-and-mortar store for a new flag this year, why not find exactly what you want at FlagPro.com?  Not only will it be more convenient; you will feel a lot better knowing your flags are made in America!

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