The flag of Bahrain features a red background with a white serrated band (a band composed of a series of triangles) on the left side. The band is made up of five white triangles that represent the five pillars of Islam. The triangles point to the right, which is unique among national flags.

The red color on the flag represents courage and the sacrifices made by Bahrainis to defend their country, while the white color represents peace and purity. The serrated band represents the country’s openness to progress and development. The five triangles represent the five pillars of Islam – declaration of faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage – which are the foundation of the Islamic faith.

The current design of the Bahraini flag was adopted on February 14, 2002, after it was revised to remove the emblems of the previous design. The original flag was adopted in 1932, and it featured a different design that included the name of the country in Arabic script.