The flag of Spain, also known as the “Rojigualda” or “the Red-Yellow,” has three horizontal stripes, two red ones at the top and bottom, and a yellow one in the middle. The yellow stripe is twice the height of each red stripe. In the center of the yellow stripe is the Spanish coat of arms, which features a shield with several emblems, including the columns of Hercules, the imperial crown, and the Latin motto “PLUS ULTRA,” meaning “Further Beyond.” The two columns represent the Pillars of Hercules, which were said to have been erected by Hercules himself as a symbol of his power, and they are joined by a red ribbon that reads “PLUS ULTRA.” The coat of arms is surrounded by two branches, one of laurel, and one of oak. The red and yellow colors have been used as symbols of Spain for centuries and are thought to have originated from the traditional colors of the royal Spanish coat of arms.