Annin Nylon Super Snap Pair, 3 1/2″ Length


Nylon Annin Super flagpole flag snap hooks,  3 1/2″ Length.  The special shape of these Super Snaps allow for easy on and easy off.  The mounting eye fits traditional flagpole halyard 1/8″ to 3/8″ in diameter.

Suitable for flag sizes 2′ X 3′ up through and including 6′ X 10′.  Flag snap hooks are one of the easiest flagpole parts to replace.

-Will not mar or scratch your flagpole!

*Sold in pairs.*

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2 - 3 $11.86
4 - 5 $10.61
6+ $10.19


Nylon Annin Super flagpole flag snap hooks, 3 1/2″ length.

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