Cam Cleat Flagpole Rope Assemblies, All Styles


Cam Cleat rope assemblies are designed for roped based halyard flagpole systems utilizing a Cam Cleat mechanism to secure the rope halyard within the flagpole.  Constructed with 1/4″ or 3/16″ wire core polyester rope, each assembly incorporates a stainless steel yoke attached with a machined set aluminum crimp along with stainless steel quick link.

Available in the colors of White, Silver, Bronze #313, and Black.

This is one of the many internal and external halyard flagpole replacement parts that we have within the store.

Flagpole Height Length of Rope Rope Diameter (Wire Core Diameter)
20′ 50′ 1/4″ (3/16″)
25′ 60′ 1/4″ (3/16″)
30′ 70′ 1/4″ (3/16″)
35′ 80′ 1/4″ (3/16″)
40′ 90′ 1/4″ (3/16″)



Rope assemblies are typically used on internal halyard flagpoles where a cam cleat has been installed.  Comes complete with zinc plated carbon steel rope thimble attached to one end of the rope and stainless steel quick link.  Available in the colors of White, Bronze #313, Silver, and Black.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Rope Assemblies Colors

Black, Bronze #313, Silver, White

Rope Assemblies Sizes

Polyester 50', Polyester 60', Polyester 70', Polyester 80', Polyester 90', Wire Core 50', Wire Core 60', Wire Core 70', Wire Core 80', Wire Core 90'


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